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Music and Dance sims are all about the tunes and moving to the beat. This article is for them.


There are two ways to get toddlers interested in Music & Dance. The old toy xylophone and the nursery rhyme. Choose whatever you want but the nursery rhyme must be taught. Toddlers can also build their creativity through the xylophone.

Children now have access to the violin and the piano. They can also dance to the music. When they become teens, they can play on all the instruments and build their creativity. They can also buy an MP3 player so they can listen to music on the go. The other instruments to buy are the guitar, bass, drums and a synthesiser.

As young adults, choose a major that favour the Music or Dance careers and also earn money buy playing at the local hangouts. High creativity sims get tips for playing beautiful music. They can also freestyle. However this is influenced by charisma rather than creativity. Majors to choose are Drama, Economics & Literature.

There are two careers to consider for Music & Dance sims. Either the Music career or the dance career. The music career reward is the rock guitar, an instrument that builds creativity faster. The dance career reward is a ballet barre that is superior to the one in buy mode.

The other element of Music and Dance is learning extra dances. There's solo dancing, smustle dancing, ballet and two dances that must be learned by going on vacation. Hula and the Slap dance. SIms can even earn money from a dance competition. Finally, these sims can play out a tune at the karaoke machine.

My Muse I-Music & Dance Studio[edit]

My Muse is for all music lovers. Enter it into a beautifully furnished room. On the first hallway are rooms with three instruments: Piano, Violin & the Modular Synthesiser. On another room is the dance room. Enter a dance competition or earn some extra money by being the D.J. Outside is the dining area and upstairs is the ballet area with two ballet barres for practising your moves

Chance Cards[edit]

As always there are six hobby chance cards.

  • Chance Card 1:You're given a choice of instrument to practise. If you choose the Cello, you could gain enthusiasm or lose $150. If you choose the Trumpet, you could gain or lose enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 2: Your sim is given the option to join the dance team or the Gymnastics team. If they join the dance team, they could invite a friend over or lose enthusiasm. If they join the gymnastics team, they could gain or lose enthusisam.
  • Chance Card 3: Your sim's band is playing and one of the songs is inappropriate. Do you play it as it is or tone it down? The first option could give you $150 or make you lose enthusiasm. The second option could give or take enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 4: You're listening to music and a co-worker is interested. Do you share your headphones or lie about it? The first option could cause a friend to come home or make you lose enthusiasm. The second one could give you $250 or a demotion.
  • Chance Card 5: You bought tickets but it turns out they're not for the concert you thought they were. If you ask for a discount, you could gain membership to My Muse or lose $100. If you go anyway you could gain enthusiasm or lose $200.
  • Chance Card 6: A dance party is starting in the office. If you join in, you could gain enthusiasm or lose $150. If you stay seated, you could gain $200 or lose enthusiasm.



These are the unlockables relating to the Music & Dance career.

  • Level 1-Talk about Music & Dance
  • Level 2-Read Music & Culture section
  • Level 3-N/A
  • Level 4-Browse Web for Music & Dance
  • Level 5-Join My Muse if not already joined.
  • Level 6-Share Hobby Tips (On Piano, Violin or Synthesiser. Not on University instruments)
  • Level 7-Blog about Music & Dance
  • Level 8-N/A
  • Level 9-Instruct in Music & Dance
  • Level 10-Be in the Zone

All instruments function the same except for the Synthesiser which has several unlockables based on Creativity skill

  • Level 4- Compose interaction and Perform interaction. Composing allows you to create tunes to perform. Intially, you only have one style: Electronica.
  • Level 6- New style for composing, New Age
  • Level 8- New style for composing, Pop
  • Level 9- New style for composing, Sci-fi
  • Level 10- New style for composing, Classical.

There are also two unlockable dances.

  • Hula-Go on an island vacation and join in with some locals dancing
  • Slap Dance-Go on a mountain vacation and join in with some locals dancing.

Finally there are two career rewards.

  • Rock Guitar- earned from the Music career. It builds creativity faster than most instruments.
  • Ballet Barre- earned from the Dance career. If builds body skill. You can gain another interaction Ballet Exercises by gaining dancing skill. Dancing is a hidden skill gained from any form of dancing. It affects the Smustle dance, the Bon Voyage dances and dancing at the ballet barre.

Basic Info[edit]

These are the Music & Dance hobby ranks.

  • 1 Unispired Underling
  • 2-4 Foot Tapper
  • 5-7 Rythm Junkie
  • 8-9 Groovemaster
  • 10- One with the Beat

The following is basic information

  • Skill: Creativity
  • Personality: Outgoing, Serious
  • Interests: Entertainment
  • Mannerisms: Tap on leg, Humming and Whistling, Ballet moves without barre.


These are all the objects and interactions that affect Music & Dance.