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There are two main objects for building creativity. One builds it visually and one builds it with audio.

Independent Expressions Inc. Easel
Independent Expressions Inc. Easel.
Need EffectsFun 10
Need MaximumFun 70
Room(s)Study, Outside, Living

The easel can be used to create art and beauty. It works with several interactions.

  • Paint/Practise Painting. At creativity level 5, practise painting becomes paint. Sim chooses a random image based on creativity skill. When sims paint, they paint in several stages.
Create limitless pieces of art
  • Paint Still Life: Sims can paint still life paintings by reaching creativity level 5.
  • Paint Portrait: Choose another sim on the lot and paint his or her portrait. Note that you don't actually have to paint the subject sim. The interface for painting portraits is the same for painting still life.
  • Scrap: Scraps an incomplete painting
  • Continue: Continue painting a partially completed painting.
TS2 PaintingAnnonce.jpg
Once ready, sell your painting to pay the bills
  • Sell: Once the painting is complete you can sell it for a profit. The value of the painting ranges from $0-$500 in average. However, once your sim reaches creativity level 10 that's when the painting really gets valuable. Every painting your sim makes becomes increasingly more valuable. Finally when your sim dies, the painting suddenly gets a sharp increase. Extremely good artists will eventually reach the maximum of $4500 a painting.
  • Ruin: Autonomus interaction for sims in a low mood. Sim wrecks the painting by splattering paint over it. If the person has high creativity, they may actually add value to it.
Chimeway & Daughters Saloon Piano
Need EffectsFun 10, Environment 3
Skill(s)Creativity, Mechanical
Room(s)Living Room
Other info
  • Initial Depreciation: $525
  • Daily Depreciation: $350
  • Depreciation Limit: $1,400

When a Sim plays the piano, not only do they gain Fun, but they also build up their Creativity skill. Sims can also watch a Sim playing the piano for Fun. The higher the player's Creativity skill, the more Fun they get from watching. Depending on a Sim's Grouchy/Nice personality, they will boo or cheer the Sim playing.

After several hours of playing, the piano will need tuning. The Tune interaction will appear. Performing this interaction builds Mechanical skill. The higher the Sim's Mechanical skill, the faster it takes to tune the piano.