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Groups are a new way to get out on the town with a few of your friends. Previously you could only invite one non-household friend with you. Now with The Sims 2 Nightlife you can invite several of your friends out on scored outings that, like dates, can provide several rewards. This article reviews the mechanics of groups and outings.

Getting a Group[edit]

Functionally, there are two types of groups

Casual Groups[edit]

Casual groups are improvised groups made up of whoever's on the lot at the moment. To create a casual group click on any sim and select Form Casual Group and then select either For an Outing or Just For Fun. You can then add other members to your group by selecting Ask...To Join Casual Group. The group is not permanent and when disbanded, must be recreated with the process above.

Organised Groups[edit]

Create a group with this interaction on the phone
Choose a name for your group and then choose your members.

Organised groups are created through clicking on the phone. To create this type of group select Groups...Manage Groups. A menu will appear with all the sims your sim knows. Any sim can be added to the group. When you want to get the group together, click on the phone and select Groups again then select where you want to meet and what type of outing it is. Sims may decide not to come based on relationship, whether they're out, the time of day and whether they own a phone or not. During the outing, if a sim leaves the group for any reason, they are not permanently removed from the group. This is also the case if your sim asks a member to leave the group.

Outing Types[edit]

There are two types of outings. As with dates they can be held almost anywhere and can transfer lots during the outing period.

Just for Fun[edit]

Just for fun outings are unscored outings that go on for as long as you decide. They are like parties, in a way, but they have no timer, no score and can be held on community lots. They can end in a number of ways.

  • End Casual Group:Self interaction on sim.
  • Work/School/Class(University): You can't hold outings at work or during class.
  • Death: If only one playable sim is in the group and he dies then the outing will automatically end

Scored Outings[edit]

These are just like Just for Fun outings except that during the outing, an outing meter will appear in the top right corner. This meter shows the outing score and rating as well as the time you have left. The outing score is almost similar to the date score but it does function a bit differently.

Outing Score[edit]

The Outing Metre looks like the date metre

The outing score is changed by all the events that alter the date score but is also altered by the average group mood. If a member of the group is unhappy, expect the score to drop. There are also some outing events that do not alter the date score. The table below explains them all. For information and what Personality and Aspiration mean in the table below see Dates

Event Score Personality boost Penalty Aspiration boost Aspiration penalty
Achieve Friend Relationship 100 Outgoing 50 -50 Romance 50 Knowledge -50
Lose Friend Relationship -150 Nice 50 -50 Knowledge 50 Romance -50
Achieve Best Friend Relationship 200 Outgoing 50 -50 Romance 50 Knowledge -50
Lose Best Friend Relationship -200 NIce 150 -150 Knowledge 100 Romance -100
Why not try increasing your score with the dance sphere

There are also some date events that don't alter the outing score. These are:

  • Achieve or lose Crush relationship
  • Achieve or lose Love relationship
  • Going broke
  • Scamming a restaurant.

As with the date score crossing the threshold gives the outing extra time.

Sims tell you what they thought after the outing

Outings are ended in much the same ways as dates.

Outing Rewards[edit]

Outings provide many of the same rewards that dates do. The following table show the outing rating and the amount of points each rating requires. It also shows contact duration if your sim receives a call from a contact after the outing.

Outing Score Points Contact duration
Rockin' 950-1000 52 Hours
Super 650-950 48 Hours
Fun 425-650 24 Hours
So-So 300-425 12 Hours
Boring 200-300 N/A
A Real Drag 100-200 N/A
Disaster 0-100 N/A
Sims can receive objects just like in dates

Outings provide the same rewards with dates. However there are some exceptions.

  • Your sim will not receive flowers or love letters from outings
  • There are increased chances of getting skills and promotions if the outing members have the same job and skills.
  • Getting an invitation is for another outing instead of for another date.