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The first part of the tutorial involves navigation around the sim's house. We've compressed the basics of navigation for you.

TS2 NavWheel.jpg

Pay attention to this wheel. The + zooms you in, the - zooms you out and the arrows rotate you around the lot. However these aren't the only tools to help you.

  • Wheel to scroll in or out.
  •  ↑  Move forward
  •  ↓  Move backword
  • Move left
  • Move right
  • PC Mouse Right Click.png Holding down moves view in direction stated. The speed is determined by how far to the edge of the screen the cursor is.
  • < Rotate left
  • > Rotate right
  • Ctrl+PC Mouse Right Click.png Move the mouse in desired direction to change angle of view. Clicking the scroll button also acheives this.
  • PC Mouse Wheel Up.png Zoom Out
  • PC Mouse Wheel Down.png Zoom In

Now you've got that. Go into live mode.

TS2 LiveModeIcon.jpg

Click on the icon or press F1.

Note the arrows on the bottom screen. They control the speed of simulation. Click them to adjust or press the appropiate buttons.

TS2 SimulationSpeed.jpg
  • ` Pause
  • 1 Normal Speed
  • 2 Medium Speed
  • 3 Fast Speed

You control the speed. Now let's control the sim. In this tutorial you only have one sim to control.

TS2 GoHere.jpg

PC Mouse Left Click.png on an open area and select Go Here to make him move.

TS2 Interaction.jpg

To make him interact with an object. Hover the cursor over it and PC Mouse Left Click.png. A list interactions will come up. Click on the desired interaction and watch your sim go.

TS2 Needs.jpg

Your sims have needs. Look at the image above. By default this panel will show when you load a household. However over each bar to see a description of what it does and how to fill it. In this particular tutorial, you will need to fill the hygiene bar. PC Mouse Left Click.png on the shower, select Have a Shower and watch the need bar fill up.

TS2 BuyModeIcon.jpg

Click on the icon or press F2 to enter Buy Mode.

TS2 BuyMode.jpg This is where you purchase objects to fill your sims' homes. In this tutorial, PC Mouse Left Click.png the chair icon then PC Mouse Left Click.png the dining chair icon. You'll notice two rows of images. These are the available dining chairs. PC Mouse Left Click.png on one of the images and drag it onto the screen. Move it until you see a tile that you like. PC Mouse Left Click.png to pay and place it. As usual, there are hotkeys.

  • Shift Duplicate the object before placement
  • Esc Cancel the object.
  • > and < Rotate the object

Go back into live mode. There are more panels to familarise yourself with.

TS2 Ages.jpg
TS2 Simology.jpg

The age panel shows how old your sim is and how far in life they've gone. The simology panel has some useful info.

TS2 Personality.jpg

The default panel shows your sim's personality and fitness level.

TS2 Memories.jpg

Click on the memories icon to see your sim's big moments in icon form. Memories with a green background are good and memories with a red background are bad.

TS2 NewspaperInteractions.jpg
TS2 JobSearching.jpg

You'll notice that your sim was recently fired. PC Mouse Left Click.png on the newspaper and select Find a Job. A panel will come up. Select Take Job to accept the offer or Look Again to search for another offer. Newspapers offer three jobs a day. After you've found a job, bring up the skills and careers panel to find out about it.

TS2 SkillsCareerPanel.jpg

TS2 SkillBuilding.jpg

To the left is the basic info and to the right are the requirements for promotion. The required skills are highlighted. You currently need one body skill point. To finish the tutorial, find the workout bench, PC Mouse Left Click.png and select Work Out and watch as the bar fills up. Once full it'll rollover and refill itself. This means you've earned the point. You have now finished the tutorial.