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Career Rewards are special objects that can only be unlocked by progressing through careers. Each object builds a specific skill or has special powers or unique interactions. Skill building objects increases a Sim's skill faster than normal skill-building objects. These objects have a special interaction, where Sims can offer lessons to less experienced Sims to help build their skills.

SensoTwitch Lie Finder[edit]

SensoTwitch Lie Finder
Career Criminal (Level 4)
Skill(s) Creativity
  • Practice Lying: This increases the Creativity skill. Occasionally, the Sim using the chair receives a harmless electric shock.

AquaGreen Hydroponic Garden[edit]

AquaGreen Hydroponic Garden
Career Slacker (Level 5)
Skill(s) Creativity
Need Effects Fun 4
  • Plant: Once your Sim has planted the seeds in the pots, they must wait several hours until any new interactions become available.
  • Tend: This builds Creativity. The plants must be tended, otherwise they'll wilt.
  • Harvest: If tended well, the plants can be placed on the Sim's property or sold. This interaction allows the seeds to be planted again.

Enterprise Office Concepts Bushmaster Tele-Prompter[edit]

Enterprise Office Concepts Bushmaster Tele-Prompter
Career Politics (Level 5)
Skill(s) Charisma
Need Effects Fun 5
Need Max. Fun 75
  • Practice Speech: Increases Charisma skill, as well as satisfying Fun.
  • Play: Only children get this interaction, which increases Fun.
  • Listen: Satisfies Fun.


Career Business (Level 5)
Skill(s) Charisma
Need Effects Fun 4
Need Max. Fun 70
  • Putt: Builds Charisma and fulfils the Fun need.

Exerto Punching Bag[edit]

Exerto Punching Bag
Career Athletic (Level 5)
Skill(s) Body
Need Effects Fun 6
Need Max. Fun 80
  • Punch: Increases the Body skill as well as improving a Sim's Fitness.

Exerto Selfflog Obstacle Course[edit]

Exerto Selfflog Obstacle Course
Career Military (Level 4)
Skill(s) Body
Need Effects Fun 4
  • Run Course: Increases the Body skill as well as improving a Sim's Fitness. Two Sims can use this object at the same time.

Prints Charming Fingerprinting Scanner[edit]

Prints Charming Fingerprinting Scanner
Career Law Enforcement (Level 6)
Skill(s) Cleaning
Need Effects Fun 4
Need Max. Fun 70
  • Scan for Prints: Increases the Cleaning skill. Sim scans object, which detects who the last Sim was to use it.

Schokolade 890 Chocolate Manufacturing Facility[edit]

Schokolade 890 Chocolate Manufacturing Facility
Career Culinary (Level 6)
Skill(s) Cooking
Need Effects Fun 1
Need Max. Fun 70
  • Make Candies: Increases the Cooking skill. Sim creates candy that can be sold. Sims with low Cooking skill produce puddles.

Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station[edit]

Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station
Career Science (Level 6)
Skill(s) Logic
Need Effects Fun 4
Need Max. Fun 70
  • Make Medicine: Increases the Logic skill. Medicine can be sold, used, or thrown away. The quality of the medicine produced depends on the Sim's Logic, Hygiene, Nice/Grouchy personality, and Mood. These factors affect quality and value of medicine. The colour of the medicine is an indicator of how good it is; the darker the medicine, the better it is.

Low level Sims have a chance at creating a virus instead of medicine. Viruses are green instead of blue. Sims can also get ill from attempting to make medicine if they are very bad at it.

TraumaTime “Incision Precision” Surgical Training Station[edit]

TraumaTime “Incision Precision” Surgical Training Station
Career Medicine (Level 4)
Skill(s) Mechanical
Need Effects Fun 4
  • Practice: Increases the Mechanical skill.