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Film & Literature sims love two main things. Reading books and watching movies. This article discusses all things relating to these sims.


The first thing you may want to do during toddlerhood is to get their parents to read books to them. As children almost every option is available to them. Reading books has been upgraded to let you choose the genre. Eventually, you can discuss the novels with other sims and share those interests.

The other element of Film & Literature is watching movies on T.V. To do this simply select the new Watch Movie interaction. There are ten movies that you can watch and five genres to choose from.

There is no specific career for Film & Literature sims so go with what your sims want as young adults. As well, the Write Novel interaction has been upgraded to let you choose the cover, plot and title of the book. Sell as many masterpieces that you want.

As adults there are no careers that contain objects for Film & Literature sims although the education career has a special bookcase. Other careers to consider are Entertainment, Journalism and Show Business.

Desirable Discourse[edit]

Desirable Discourse is the clubhouse for Film & Literature sims. THe entrance contains several movie sculptures amd a bar. There are two main rooms in this lot. The first room contains a T.V. and chairs in movie theater design. Enjoy watching fine films. The second room contains several books as well as computers for your enjoyment. Go between the two rooms down to the hallway for the dining area.

Chance Cards[edit]

As with the other hobbies, there are six chance cards that sims may get.

  • Chance Card 1: A classmate has seen a movie you haven't seen. You can lie and say you've seen it or you can dismiss the movie. If you lie you could bring that friend home or you could lose enthusiasm. If you dismiss it, you could gain or lose enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 2: A classmate hates books and comes up to your sim. Do you try to reason with him or her or do you agree. No matter which you choose, you could either gain or lose enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 3: Your called to discuss your opinion on old-fashioned media. If you say it has educational value, you could gain membership to Desirable Discourse or lose enthusiasm. If you say it's obselete, you could either gain or lose enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 4: A co-worker suggests a movie marathon. If you accept you could gain membership or get demoted. If you decline you either gain enthusiasm or a $100 fine.
  • Chance Card 5: Your boss wants to borrow a novel to read. If you lend it, you could get promoted or lose enthusiasm. If you keep the book, you gain or lose enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 6: You're trying to gather a group for a film festival. If you post a message on the noticeboard, you either bring a friend home or lose enthusiasm. If you go to individual co-workers you either gain or lose $150.



These are the unlockables for Film & Literature sims.

  • Level 1-Talk about Film & Literature
  • Level 2-Read Entertainment section of newspaper
  • Level 3-Join book club (Discuss books and novels)
  • Level 4-Browse web for Film & Literature
  • Level 5-Join Desirable Discourse
  • Level 6-Share Hobby Tips (Not really available for this hobby)
  • Level 7-Blog about Film & Literature
  • Level 8-N/A
  • Level 9-Instruct in Film & Literature
  • Level 10-Be in the Zone

Basic Info[edit]

The following are the ranks for each level

  • 1 Unispired Underling
  • 2-4 Regular Reader
  • 5-7 Book Club President
  • 8-9 Movie Maven
  • 10 Media Mogul

The following is basic information

  • Skill: Charisma
  • Personality: Shy, Lazy
  • Interests: Entertainment, Culture
  • Mannerisms: Read while Walking