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Downtown is the new sub-neighbourhood in The Sims 2: Nightlife. This article reviews all the mechanics of Downtown plus all its houses and community lots.

Creating a Downtown[edit]

Click this icon to see your neighbourhood's Downtowns
Click the icon with the + to create a new Downtown
The menu is simple to navigate when you want to create a Downtown
Loading a Downtown is just like loading the neighbourhood

When you first open up a neighbourhood in The Sims 2: Nightlife, you will be given the option to add a new sub-neighbourhood to that neighbourhood. These neighbourhoods are known as 'downtowns' or 'nightlife destinations.' Installing one downtown to a base neighbourhood does not install it for each neighbourhood and if you install the same downtown, they will not be the same. That is, they will have a different population.

When your first Downtown is loaded you'll be presented with this information.

TS2N Downtown Info.jpg

When you want to go Downtown or create a new one click the Downtown Icon in the upper-left corner of the screen

Differences between base and downtown neighbourhoods[edit]

By default downtown is shown at night in neighbourhood view. This can be changed with the day/night toggle

Base and downtown neighbourhoods aren't that different from one another but there are a few differences:

  • Downtown has unique NPCs including the Vampires, Slobs, Divas and Mr. Bigs. The other NPCs (Known as downtownies) generally have better jobs, more money and higher skills.
  • The Maxis-created Downtown has more community lots than Maxis-created base neighbourhoods. (e.g. Pleasantveiw, Strangetown)
  • By default downtown neighbourhoods will be shown at night in the neighbourhood view


When Downtown is installed, regardless of whether it's custom or Maxis-designed, it comes with a host of new characters that are profiled below

Mrs Crumplebottom
  • Mrs Crumplebottom- Mrs Crumplebottom is an old lady that hates seeing any romantic interactions on the street. If she sees two sims snogging or hugging or whatever, she'll lecture them then wallop her handbag over them. If you see her on the lot, make sure you’re in a private room or at least a room without her in it if you're on a date. She also hates sims that are inappropriately dressed. It is impossible to have a relationship with her because if you try to talk to her, she'll start attacking you with that purse of hers.
A grand vampire
  • Vampires- The vampires are recognizable by the pale skin, the vampire costumes, the red eyes, the fangs and the fact that they only come out at night. They behave like any normal NPC except that they run off at sunrise and can turn into a bat. At first there are only two vampires and they only turn up downtown. Their names start with 'Count' or 'Contessa' and they can bite your sims, turning them into vampires. For information on being a vampire see Vampires
The Diva
  • Diva/Mr Big- They are the top of the social ladder. Get them into your house and you'll receive a heap of money. They also have fixed characteristics. They have fortune aspiration, their job is as a Professional Party guest and they're dressed well. Note that their names are not really Diva or Mr Big but are instead randomly chosen. Diva and Mr Big just refers to them as characters.
The Slob
  • The Slob- The Slob is at the bottom of the social ladder. They have limited wealth, walk around in their PJs, burp and fart regularly, Have no active or Neat points on their personality and their job is as a Gas Station Attendant. They have the Pleasure aspiration
  • Other- Apart from the above, other Downtownies are created upon the creation of a downtown. Their jobs are always level six or higher, they have high skills and they have more money than base neighbourhood townies. They make really good catches but the only way to know who's a Downtownie and who's a regular townie is to either keep a record of each townie or to ask them personally about their skills or job.

Downtown Tour[edit]

Community Lots[edit]

The following table lists all the Downtown community lots in The Sims 2 Nightlife and all the features of these lots including activities, pricing and what's on sale there.

Lot name Main feature What's on sale Activities Price Screenshot
Bernard's Botanical Dining Restaurant Photos Swings, chess, darts, bubble blower $107,412 TS2 Bernards Botanical Dining.jpg
Cold Issue Clothing Shop Clothes, magazines, cologne, gadgets Grill, and a Sellafone Vending machine (if University is Installed) $79,522 TS2 Cold Issue Clothing.jpg
Comandgo Emporium Shop Clothes, video games, cologne, Grill, TV $47,353 TS2 Comandgo Emporium.jpg
Crypt O'Night Club Nightclub Drinks, restaurant, photos Pinball, DJ booth, dance sphere $138,620 TS2 Crypt O'Night Club.jpg
Deh'Javu Modern Art Museum Art gallery Espresso TV, chess, grill $102,658 TS2 Deh'Javu Modern Art Museum.jpg
FM Restaurant Photos Karaoke, stereo $76,972 Sims 2 FM Community Lot Screenshot.jpg
Fresh Rush Grocery Shop Groceries, cologne, video games, magazines, gadgets, photos Swings, grill $163,878 TS2 Fresh Rush Grocery.jpg
Go Here Sunshine Park Park Espresso Chess, grills $49,288 TS2 Go Here Sunshine Park.jpg
Gothier Green Lawns Graveyard N/A TV, books, grills, cards, computers $127,187 TS2 Gothier Green Lawns.jpg
Hans' Trap Door Corp Shop Clothes, cologne, gadgets Grills $142,251 TS2 Hans' Trap Door Corp.jpg
Londoste Restaurant Drinks Chess, darts $122,384 TS2 Londoste.jpg
Lost in Love Hedge Maze Park Photos grill, swimming pool, chess, swings $86,441 TS2 Lost in Love Hedge Maze.jpg
Lucky Shack Cards and Drink Club Drinks Cards, karaoke, grill, juice $57,591 TS2 Lucky Shack Cards and Drink.jpg
LuLu Lounge Nightclub Drinks Grill, hot tub, DJ booth, dance sphere $112,547 TS2 LuLu Lounge.jpg
Maple Springs Pool and Spa Gym Cologne, clothes, espresso Swimming pools, hot tub, chess, darts, grill, workout benches, dance sphere $171,815 TS2 Maple Springs Pool and Spa.jpg
Midnight Flows Nightclub Restaurant Karaoke, jukebox, bubble blower $84,967 TS2 Midnight Flows.jpg
One-Twenty_Five Café Restaurant Espresso Chess, darts $63,713 TS2 One-Twenty-Five Cafe.jpg
Oresha Family Dining Restaurant Photos Swings, chess, Myshuno $60,800 TS2 Oresha Family Dining.jpg
P.U.R.E Nightclub Drinks DJ booth, hot tub, grill, computer, dance sphere $123,413 TS2 P.U.R.E.jpg
Red's Famous '50s Diner Restaurant Photos Jukebox, pinball, pool table $89,169 TS2 Red's Famous '50s Diner.jpg
Rodney's Hideout Restaurant N/A Piano, cards, pool table $82,449 TS2 Rodney's Hideout.jpg
Sim Centre North Park Espresso Swings, chess, darts, grills, musical instruments, bonfire $40,745 TS2 Sim Centre North.jpg
Sim Centre South Park N/A Grills, swimming pools, Myshuno, chess $40,578 TS2 Sim Centre South.jpg
SimBowl Lanes Bowling Alley Restaurant Pinball, pool table $164,336 TS2 SimBowl Lanes.jpg
Similar Sights Sculpture Park Park Espresso, photos Grills, chess, bubble blowers $62,692 TS2 Similar Sights Sculpture Park.jpg
Sims Gone Wired Shop/Restaurant Video games, magazines, gadgets, espresso Chess, books, computers, TV $116,173 TS2 Sims Gone Wired.jpg
Speedy's Fast Lanes Bowling and Eats Restaurant/Bowling Alley N/A Jukebox, pinball, pool table $94,089 TS2 Speedy's Fast Lanes Bowling and Eats.jpg
Sugar Cube Bowling Bowling Alley Drinks, Photos Grill, DJ booth, pool table $116,899 TS2 Sugar Cube Bowling.jpg
The Corner Shoppes Shops Cologne, video games, magazines, clothes, photos Grill, pinball $113,532 TS2 The Corner Shoppes.jpg
The Hub Nightclub Restaurant, drinks DJ booth, dance sphere, darts $108,833 TS2 The Hub.jpg

Residential Lots[edit]

The following table lists the residences available in the Downtown neighbourhood as well as the price and the number of bedrooms in it. Each house also has a driveway and/or a garage in it.

Address Price Bedrooms Screenshots
House of Fallen Trees $84,306 4 TS2 DNR HOFT.jpg
31 Mendoza Lane $12,520 1 TS2 DNR 31MendozaLane.jpg
33 Mendoza Lane $12,851 1 TS2 DNR 33MendozaLane.jpg
35 Mendoza Lane $13,123 2 TS2 DNR 35MendozaLane.jpg
37 Mendoza Lane $12,502 1 TS2 DNR 37MendozaLane.jpg
103 Custer Boulevard $20,385 3 TS2 DNR 103CusterBoulevard.jpg
105 Custer Boulevard $19,857 2 TS2 DNR 105CusterBoulevard.jpg
107 Custer Boulevard $44,585 2 TS2 DNR 107CusterBoulevard.jpg
201 Custer Boulevard $17,657 2 TS2 DNR 201CusterBoulevard.jpg
205 Custer Boulevard $20,086 2 TS2 DNR 205CusterBoulevard.jpg
34 King Street $22,050 2 TS2 DNR 34KingStreet.jpg
35 King Street $41,652 3 TS2 DNR 35KingStreet.jpg
36 Greaves Avenue $15,170 2 TS2 DNR 36GreavesAvenue.jpg
37 Greaves Avenue $14,441 2 TS2 DNR 38GreavesAvenue.jpg