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Fitness is sort of the opposite of the cuisine hobby. It's all about exercising and reaching the top of the fitness state for sims.


Fitness has nothing to interest toddlers and childrens options are really limited with this hobby. They can still gain enthusiasm but only by swimming and through tai chi. There's also the obstacle course if their parents have unlocked that in the military career.

When sims reach the teenage stage, they get the option of using all the exercise machines and building up their body skill. There's also jogging and the protein shake which you might have unlocked by now.

At college, start to make money with the Be Personal Trainer interaction on the exercise machine. In fact, this is the only way to earn money for the fitness hobby. If you're loking at the military career, select one of the majors that helps it. Either History or Political Science.

Take a break and go on a vacation to the Far East to see if your sims can learn tai chi. If you can't there's always yoga which boosts body skill. Finally, the dance sphere is perfect for pleasure and popularity sims with the fitness hobby.

Platinum Gym[edit]

The Platinum Gym is a two story secret lot with several things fitness, enter it and just around the corner is a swimming pool where you can do laps. Just outside is the obstacle course ready for sims that don't want the military career. Select anyone one suitable to start training on the course. Even children can use it. Go upstairs and get a work out on the exercise machines or have a meal on the balcony. Any space is perfect for Yoga and Tai Chi. Note that this lot doesn't contain University's exercise machines or Nightlife's dance sphere. This is still a lot ready-made for any fitness sims.

Chance Cards[edit]

Unlike other hobby chance cards. The work and school ones are practically the same. There still are six but most of them are a simple change in wording.

  • Chance Card 1: You buy a off-colour fish that's supposed to be healthy. If you eat it, you either gain or lose enthusiasm. If you skip it you lose $150 ($50 for sims at school) or lose enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 2: You are challegneged to a thumb wrestle. If it's a work chance card you are either promoted or demoted no matter the option you choose. If it's at school, you either gain or lose enthusiasm, no matter the option.
  • Chance Card 3: Your sims ankle is broken. If it's at work, you can participate in a charity walk or rest the ankle. If it's at school, you can participate in a rally or rest the ankle. If you go with the first option for both, you either gain or lose enthusiasm. If you choose the second, you are either promoted (enthusiasm gain at school) or lose enthusiasm.



This is a list of unlockables for the fitness hobby.

  • Level 1- Talk about Fitness
  • Level 2- Read Health section in newspaper
  • Level 3- Go Jogging
  • Level 4- Browse Web for fitness
  • Level 5- Make Protien Shake, Join Platinum Gym (If not already)
  • Level 6- Share Hobby Tips (Only on workout benches)
  • Level 7- Blog About Fitness
  • Level 8- N/A
  • Level 9- Instruct in Fitness
  • Level 10-Be in the Zone

There are also three other unlockables.

  • Obstacle Course- Unlocked in Military career
  • Tai Chi- Unlocked by going on Far East holiday and participating in Tai Chi.
  • Yoga- Body Skill 3

Basic Info[edit]

These are the ranks for fitness sims.

  • 1 Uninspired Underling
  • 2-3 Work Out Buddy
  • 5-7 Trimmed and Toned
  • 8-9 Fit as a Fiddle
  • 10 Leader of the Pec

The following is basic information

  • Skill: Body
  • Personality: Outgoing, Active
  • Interests: Health
  • Mannerisms: Stretch Exercises


The following are all the interactions for Fitness sims.