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During any vacations taken by your Sims, a hidden score is maintained throughout. At the end of the vacation, this score is added together and averaged. Although you never see this score, the score itself makes an impact because it results in what benefits your Sims earn.

The score runs from -100 to 100, and getting a score of 25 or more will give your Sim at least one benefit, whilst getting a score of -25 or less will result in a negative effect such as Jetlag.

The effects of certain events on the vacation score is shown in the table below:

Event Points
Sim dies -200
Another Sim in party dies -100
Party member freezes or gets heatstroke (Seasons only) -60
Party member sees somebody die -50
Party member loses relationship (eg Best Friend, Crush) with someone else in the party -30
Party member gains an enemy -25
Party member loses relationship with Sim who isn't in the party -20
Party member loses an enemy +15
Party member gains a positive relationship towards a Sim +15
Party member gains a Vacation Memento +20
Party member discovers a secret lot (only once per vacation) +40
Sim gets engaged or married on vacation +50


On arrival home, the Vacation Score of the holiday is assessed. What your Sim gets as a result is shown in the table below:

Score Range Result
75 to 100 3 Benefits
50 to 74 2 Benefits
25 to 49 1 Benefit
-25 to 24 No Benefits
-60 to -26 Jetlag
-100 to -61 Jetlag and Cranky

If your Sim's vacation is in the range of a benefit, they can choose between the following:

Benefit Effect Length
TS2 BV Benefit Carefree.png Carefree The Sim recieves an extra want slot. 48 hours
TS2 BV Benefit Forgiving.png Forgiving Negative relationship effects from the Sim to other Sims are reduced. 48 hours
TS2 BV Benefit Industrious.png Industrious +30 job performance score for Sims. 48 hours
TS2 BV Benefit JeNeSaisQuoi.png Je ne sais quoi +80 attractiveness to other Sims. 48 hours
TS2 BV Benefit Productive.png Productive The Comfort, Fun, and Social stats max. 24 hours
TS2 BV Benefit Refreshed.png Refreshed Skill/Talent Badge/Homework rate bonuses 48 hours

However, if your Sim's vacation score is in the lower range, they will recieve one of these disadvantages:

Benefit Effect
Jetlag Skill/Talent Badge/Homework rate decrease for 48 hours
Cranky Personality is moved 3 points towards grouchy.