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There are quite a few cheats in The Sims 2: FreeTime that let you manipulate plenty of elements in your sims life. This article looks at many of the cheats that can be found in The Sims 2: FreeTime.

Changing Neighbourhood Terrain[edit]

First, open the cheat menu by pressing  ctrl + shift + C  then type in "ModifyNeighborhoodTerrain on". You will now be able to edit your neighbourhoods terrain. To do so, click on a corner and drag the cursor through the desired section. It should now be highlighted. You can edit that section through these keys.

  •  [ -Elevates terrain
  •  ] -Lowers terrain
  •  | -Brings terrain to the same height
  •  P -Smooths terrain

To turn off this cheat, simply re-open the cheat menu and type in "ModifyNeighborhoodTerrain off".

Gaining enthusiasm on Community Lots[edit]

Normally, a sim can't build enthusiasm on community lots. This cheat will allow you to do so. As such, it is possible to create lots that are superior to the secret hobby lots. First, travel to the desired lot. Once there, open the cheat menu and type in "ChangeLotZoning secrethobbylot". You will now be able to gain enthusiasm from any of the lots activities. To change it back to a community lot, re-open the cheat menu and type in "ChangeLotZoning community".

BoolProp Cheats[edit]

A resource of cheats can be found with BoolProp. Open the cheats menu and type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true". You now have more control then ever over your sims. The following are just a few examples of what you can do with this cheat.

  • Edit hobby levels. Open the hobby menu and you can choose the hobby levels by clicking on the hobby and draging the cursor up or down. Editing these levels unlocks all the benefits including being in the zone.
  • Gain Talent Badges.  shift +Mouse left clickon your sim to gain a range of debugging cheats. Select Spawn...Juicer. You will now be able to gain levels in any of your sims talent badges by clicking on the juicer (which looks like a toy boat) and selecting the appropiate interactions.
  • Gain all Lifetime benefits.  shift +Mouse left clickon your sim and select Debug...Maximum LTA Points. The lifetime meter will now go up to platinum and your sim now can choose all his or her lifetime benefits. A short while later, your sim will gain permanent platinum aspiration.
  • Gain Membership to Lots.  shift +Mouse left clickon your sim and select Spawn...Chance Card Tester. A box will appear near your sim. Normally, the clicking on the box will contain interactions for manipulating career chance cards. Well now, you can manipulate hobby chance cards. Click on the box and select Chance Card Dialogs then select the desired hobby. The dialogs for each of the specific hobby related cards now appears. You can cycle through them by pressing ignore or you can see the outcomes by selecting the options. Selecting any of the options will give you both the good and the bad outcomes. In career chance cards, these outcomes don't happen if you just look at the dialogs. Hobby cards are different. If an outcome says you gain enthusiasm, your sim will gain enthusiasm despite them not being at work or school. Also note that the bad outcomes apply as well. If the good outcome is gain and the bad outcome is loss, then your sim will not shift in their enthusiasm. This cheat can also be used to look at the new career chance cards.

After you've done manipulating the cheat, turn it off by opening the cheat menu and typing in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled false". Leaving it on is dangerous and can cause errors in the game.