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The Sims 2 Nightlife comes with two new aspirations. Pleasure Aspiration and the Grilled Cheese Aspiration. This article reviews them both.

Pleasure Aspiration[edit]

A depressed Pleasure sim

The Pleasure Aspiration is a brand new aspiration that can be chosen in the normal ways. The lifetime wants a pleasure sim can have are as stated in the images below.

The wants and fears of a Pleasure sim generally revolve around having fun. They enjoy most of the things Nightlife has to offer including dating, outings, bowling, cards and karaoke.

But Nightlife isn't the only source of their wants. Other wants include jumping on couches, juggling, getting into their PJs, taking bubble baths, watching T.V. and even skipping class if University is installed.

As well as that, they experience wants for buying objects just like fortune sims. These wants don't follow want paths like fortune sims i.e. they don't recur with increasing value. Instead they just want fun objects like games.

Their fears revolve around getting booed, having horrible dates and getting rejected for outings.

They are best suited to the Slacker career and should spend time improving their charisma and creativity.

When the motive gets red, they put on a lampshade and dance around just like in this picture.

Aspirational Monikers[edit]

The following tables list aspirational monikers for the Pleasure aspiration.

Level Teen Adult/Young Adult Elder
Low Red Delightless Downer Narcissistic Knucklehead Grave-faced Grumbler
High Red Bummed-out Bore Downfaced Drag Dried-up Discontent
Low Green Callow Contentment Craver Common Comfortlover Satisisfied Silvermane
High Green Feshfaced Funlover Hearty Hedonist Fossilized Funmeister
Gold Junior Joy Jockey Frolisking Freespirit Grey-haired Glee-grabber
Platinum Euphoric Youth Primo/Prima Pleasureseeker Long-lived Levity-liker

Grilled Cheese Aspiration[edit]

Eat 200 Grilled Cheese sandwiches lifetime want

The Grilled Cheese Aspiration is generally considered undesirable, but confers some minor, unique benefits. It is not available in any of the Aspiration menus (which pop up when a Sim is created, grows into a teen or finishes junior year at university). However, it can be gained using a cheat code or when the ReNuYuSenso Orb fails.

Grilled Cheese Sims are preoccupied with cooking, serving, being served, eating and talking about grilled cheese sandwiches. They fear burning the sandwiches, eating burnt or spoiled ones, or being rejected for conversations about them. Their Lifetime Want is to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches.

Grilled Cheese Sims can cook Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at any time of day (they are normally available only as lunch), and regardless of Cooking skill (they normally require at least 2 points). The sandwiches are more satisfying than most dishes that can be cooked with no skill, but less satisfying than those that require high skill. Grilled Cheese Sims receive a positive memory every time they finish a grilled cheese sandwich.

A Grilled Cheese Sim. Most of his wants are purely related to grilled cheese sandwhiches
A depressed Grilled Cheese sim

The Grilled Cheese Aspiration brings with it the Talk.../About Grilled Cheese Sandwiches social interaction, which Sims will frequently Want to perform. This is accepted by other Grilled Cheese Sims (making the Aspiration primarily compatible with itself, like Popularity) and those with a Nice score of 5 or more.

Since Grilled Cheese Sims fear burning grilled cheese sandwiches, they should minimize the chance of this happening (which means a Cooking skill of at least 4). They are best suited to the Culinary career even though they don't have wants to enter that career.

Grilled Cheese Sims should buy the three items needed to cook the sandwiches: a refrigerator, a stove and a clear section of countertop. If they do not already have these, they will have Wants to buy them. The most expensive fridge is useful, as it has a larger capacity and means fewer delivery call for groceries. A smoke detector or fire sprinkler in the kitchen is also desirable, as frequent cooking increases the risk that the stove will catch fire. Grilled Cheese Sims have very few high-scoring Wants, but can satisfy small Wants more frequently.

When the “Serve Grilled Cheese Sandwich” is present, simply have another Sim eat the sandwich your Sim has prepared. Since this want repeats almost endlessly, and six sandwiches can be prepared at once, this allows for the fastest possible scoring. This will allow a Sim to buy more Aspiration Rewards, and successfully use the Orb to return to a “normal” Aspiration, keeping the extra rewards.

When a Grilled Cheese sim experiences red aspiration they bring out a piece of cardboard with a grilled cheese sandwich drawn on and they attempt to eat it. They also act like it's a baby.

Aspirational Monikers[edit]

Here are the aspirational monikers for grilled cheese sims.

Level Teen Adult/Young Adult Elder
Low Red Wayward Wensleydale Whelp Bumbling Brie Burner Run-down Roquefort Ruiner
High Red Frustrated Feta Fondler Cheddar Lacking Chucklehead Mature Mozzarella Mangler
Low Green Jarlsberg Using Youth Common Camembert Coveter Grill Greasin' Granny/Grandpa
High Green Precocious Parmesan Preparer Gouda Gobbling Gourmet Excellent Emmental Elder
Gold Cheshire-Chomping Champion Exceptional Edam Eater Legendary Limburger Lover
Platinum Juvenile Jack Genius Munster Munching Maniac Senior Stilton Sorcerer