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This tutorial will expand on the basics you covered in the first tutorial. The first thing to learn is how to switch between household members.

TS2 HouseholdMembers.jpg

To the far left of the screen are icons of the members of the household. PC Mouse Left Click.png on one of them to center that sim and select him. The plumbob (green diamond) above the sims house indicates the controlled sim. PC Mouse Right Click.png an icon to center that sim but not select him or her. There are other ways to switch between sims. Hover the cursor over the non-controlled sim and PC Mouse Right Click.png him to select him. You can also press space to switch between household members.

TS2 SocialInteractions.jpg
TS2 NegativeOutcome.jpg

Sims interact with each other to boost relationships. Hover over another sim and PC Mouse Left Click.png to interact. Choose a desired interaction to socialise with that sim. Watch the sims do whatever you selected then look above the head to observe the result. A + sign means good and a - sign means bad. Every sim has a relationship with every other sim.

TS2 Relationships.jpg

You can see how that's going by PC Mouse Left Click.png the relationship icon. What shows is what sims your sim knows and your sims attitude towards them. The first bar is daily relationship and is a short-term relationship. The bottom bar is lifetime and is long-term. Various icons indicate special relationships between sims. Note that relationships are not always recipricated. One sim can be in love with another but that sim could be repulsed.

TS2 WantsFears.jpg

You'll end this tutorial with a look at the wants/fears panel. PC Mouse Left Click.png on the aspiration icon to view them. For more information see Tutorial 4.