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The Sims 2: Open for Business comes with a very clear objective of running a successful business. This article reviews the basic mechanics of starting your own business.

Opening your Business[edit]

The first step is using the phone or computer. Select either Business...Start Home Business or Real Estate...Purchase Community Lot. You now own a business. If you chose a home business, it automatically opens and customers will poor in. If you bought a community lot, then you must drive to the shop to open up.

Required Objects[edit]

These objects are required for business.

  • Open/Closed sign: This controls when customers come and go.
  • Phone/Computer: These objects are essential to any business. They let you hire employees as well as buy new businesses. They also let you review business information.

If your business is a shop then you need these objects.

  • Cash Register: Customers won't be able to pay without one.
  • Shelving: Not essential but improves the look of your shop and lets you hold several objects on one tile.
  • Crafting Stations: If you sell crafted objects then you'll need a station to make and supply these objects.
  • Kitchen Objects: If you run a bakery.
  • Car Display: Only available with Nightlife. Lets you sell cars.

If your business is a restaurant then you'll need these objects. Restaurants can be run without Nightlife.

  • Host podium
  • Restaurant Stove
  • Furniture

If your business is a venue then you only need one object.

  • Ticket Machine: If you want to make a profit then you should charge people to use the objects on the lot.

These other objects can be run in any type.

  • Salon chair: Lets you change customer’s appearances.
  • Bars: Lets you sell drinks.
  • Coffee Bar: Lets you sell espresso.
  • Lemonade Stand: Lets you sell lemonade.

Business Tracker[edit]

This icon appears whenever you're on a business lot that you own. It contains six panels.

  • Customers: Also shows how loyal your customers are.
  • Employees: Shows skills, talent badges and current task.
  • Cash Flow: Shows the money your business has made.
  • Business Info: Shows business rank and whether your business has been reviewed.
  • For Sale tool: Lets you mark objects for sale.
  • Business Perks: Whenever your business gains a new rank, you are given the option to buy a business perk.


Customers are needed for any business to run. Their loyalty is marked with a five star system with five stars being the highest. They can also lose stars. When deciding whether to buy something, you can influence that decision with the Sales menu accessible by clicking on them.


Almost any business needs employees. To hire employees just select the phone or computer's Business menu and select the appropriate interaction. Employees can be given several tasks.

  • Cashier: Employee mans the cash register and rings up customers.
  • Restocker: Employee restocks items after customers buy them.
  • Sales Employees: Employee helps convince customer to buy items.
  • Clean Up: Employee cleans up lot.
  • Crafting: Employee can make food, toys, robots and bouquets.
  • Object Jobs: Employees can man bars, coffee bars, host podiums, DJ booths and lemonade stands.

There are lots of other things you can do with employees such as setting uniforms and changing wages. These interactions are found under the Management interaction on any employee. Household sims can also act as employees but take a lot more management.

Talent Badges[edit]

Talent Badges are a new set of skills that your sim can learn. They are learnt by doing the job that they help with. There are seven talent badges.

  • Cash Register
  • Restocking
  • Sales
  • Cosmotology
  • Toy Making
  • Robotery
  • Flower Arranging
  • Pottery
  • Tailoring

There are three sets for each type. Bronze, Silver and Gold. Unlocking a new level gives you access to more interactions or objects.

Shopping Districts[edit]

Essentially shopping districts have no difference to normal neighbourhoods. However, the Maxis-created shopping district Bluewater Village comes with examples of many businesses that can be run with The Sims 2: Open for Business. It also comes with new families.