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The first step to going on vacation is to pick up the phone or go on the computer. Select Vacation...Book Vacation. Play around with variables such as guests and the amount of days to see the price, when you're done, pick a location and a hotel. They range from luxury hotels featuring gourmet restaurants (if Nightlife is installed) to a weathered campground where you have to catch your own food (if Seasons is installed). No matter what you choose, it's an experience you'll never forget. Alternatively you can purchase a vacation home to stay at. Simply choose Real Estate...Purchase Vacation Home from your phone or computer and select the desired home. Each place comes with two homes although you can add more.

Checking In[edit]

Checking in varies between the three accommodation types.

  • Hotels: Select the rooms you want for your sims by clicking on the doors. The nightly rate also shows up. You can even select all of them if you want. Then click on the hotel desk and select Check In. the nightly price for staying there will show up. If you no longer want a room during your stay, just click on the door again and select Unreserve Suite. You no longer have to pay for the room for the rest of the stay.
  • Campgrounds. Campgrounds are simple. Select a tent and click Check In. You now have access to all the tents for the stay and, best of all, it's free accommodation. Sure there's no room service but it doesn't prevent your sims from experiencing the wonders of nature as they rough it out.
  • Vacation Homes. Vacation homes have no checking in. When you arrive there, you're already set to go. Vacation homes function like homes away from homes but have no bills, no school and no work. Just rest and relaxation. What more could you want.

What To Do[edit]

On your memories panel, there's a new tab called Vacation Mementos. Every time you do something on vacation such as learn a new dance or try a new food, you get a memento. These should give you some idea as to what to do on vacation. There's even a memento for ordering room service. Here are some hints on how to earn mementos.

  • To learn a greeting, wait until a local greets you, you will now have gesture social. Repeat this to adept people and eventually, you'll do it like a pro.
  • To learn a dance, wait until some locals or tourists are dancing unfamiliar steps, then click on one to join in.
  • To learn a massage, click on a massage table and select Learn Massage. There's a unique massage for each vacation.
  • To win a game, select the desired activity booth such as the Mahjong table or the Logrolling station and click on the appropriate interaction, then wait until you're competing against another sim. You won't win any prizes, just the satisfaction of a job well done.

Other Stuff[edit]

Some ideas for activities not on the vacation mementos

  • Health spas. Each location has it's own health spa. Relax in the hot springs or the sauna.
  • Souvenirs. Purchase some souvenirs from the souvenir rack to display when you get. The right combination of souvenirs could even have a special effect.
  • Jewelery. Your sims can wear jewelery. For pre-created sims, go to a jewelery rack and select Buy Jewelery, then choose from the menu that appears. Your sims can then wear it when they get home.
  • Beaches. You can now place beach lots. Select the Lots and Houses bin in neighbourhood view then select Empty Lots. You now have a new beach lots menu. From there, pick a lot and place it between water and a road. When it turns green, click again and the lot is placed. There's lots to do on the beach, build a sandcastle, go swimming or simply watch the waves.

Going Home[edit]

When it's time to go home, click on the hotel desk or tent and select Check Out, then click on the phone and select End Vacation. The shuttle then comes to take your sims home. Back at home a good vacation could have some special benefits. You could be easier to talk to, experience a promotion or even get an extra want slot. As well, you can tell other sims about the vacation or share a new ability with them. There's so much to do with this new expansion pack.