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Strangetown is the second neighbourhood in The Sims 2. Strangetown is set in a desert landscape and has the appearance of Area 51, and has a number of crashed UFOs. There are a number of pre-made families and empty lots and community lots along the 'Road to Nowhere' which is the center of the town. The back story suggests that sims who get abducted by aliens arrive there (there is a townie of Bella Goth) and a number of alien descendants live in the area. This article reviews each of the sims and houses here.


Occupied Residential Lots[edit]

The table lists each occupied lot, it's value and it's residents.

Address Residents Lot Value Family Name
2 Cover Up Road Pascal Curious, Vidcund Curious, Lazlo Curious $98,260 Curious Family
13 Dead End Lane Olive Specter, Ophelia Nigmos $82,317 Specter Family
1 Telsa Court Loki Beaker, Circe Beaker, Nervous Subject $130,525 Beaker Family
101 Road to Nowhere Pollination Tech#9 Smith, Jenny Smith, Johnny Smith, Jill Smith $81, 883 Smith Family
51 Road to Nowhere General Buzz Grunt, Tank Grunt, Ripp Grunt, Buck Grunt $51,525 Grunt Family

Unoccupied Residential Lots[edit]

This list lists houses for sale in Strangetown.

  • 73 Road to Nowhere- $16,685
  • 91 Road to Nowhere- $13,373
  • 188 Road to Nowhere- $4800

Community Lots[edit]

There are two community lots in Strangetown. One is a shopping centre of sorts and the other is a public pool.

Name Type Shopping Activities Price
94 Road to Nowhere Pool Groceries Hot Tub, Grill $146,768
88 Road to Nowhere Shop Groceries, Clothes, Magazines, Video Games Grill, Pool $183,372


The following table lists the sims that reside in Strangetown including sims that haven't been moved in.

Name Age Aspiration Career Skills Personality
Pascal Curious Adult (19 days left) Knowledge Lab Assistant (Science) Cooking 1, Logic 1, Creativity 10, Cleaning 3 Scorpio, Neat 10, Outgoing 5, Active 5, Playful 0, Nice 5
Vidcund Curious Adult (23 days left) Knowledge Lab Assistant (Science) Cooking 1, Logic 8, Cleaning 2 Scorpio, Neat 10, Outgoing 1, Active 7, Playful 4, Nice 3
Lazlo Curious Adult (28 days left) Knowledge Field Researcher (Science) Cooking 7, Logic 1, Cleaning 4 Sagittarius, Neat 0, Outgoing 9, Active 2, Playful 9, Nice 5
Olive Specter Elder (63 days old) Knowledge Professional Party Guest (Slacker) Mechanical 4, Charisma 5, Creativity 5 Scorpio, Neat 10, Outgoing 5, Active 5, Playful 3, Nice 2
Ophelia Nigmos Teen (2 days left) Family School A Logic 2 Virgo, Neat 4, Outgoing 6, Active 5, Playflu 4, Nice 6
Loki Beaker Adult (20 days left) Knowledge Inventor (Science) Cooking 2, Logic 5, Creativity 1, Cleaning 6 Capricorn, Neat 10, Outgoing 7, Active 8, Playful 0, Nice 0
Circe Beaker Adult (23 days left) Fortune Intern (Medical) Mechanical 3, Logic 3, Cleaning 5 Capricorn, Nice 10, Outgoing 5, Active 10, Playful 0, Nice 0
Nervous Subject Adult (27 days left) Family Unemployed None Acquarius, Neat 0, Outgoing 0, Active 10, Playful 0, Nice 0
Pollination Tech#9 Smith Elder (55 days old) Family Unemployed Cooking 3, Mechanical 2, Creativity 1, Cleaning 3 Pisces, Neat 7, Outgoing 4, Active 2, Playful 7, Nice 5
Jenny Smith Adult (5 days left) Family Nurse (Medical) Cooking 2, Mechanical 2, Logic 1, Cleaning 3 Taurus, Neat 5, Outgoing 4, Active 4, Playful 3, Nice 9
Johnny Smith Teen (1 day left) Popularity Public School B Mechanical 2, Body 7 Gemini, Neat 3, Outgoing 7, Active 5, Playful 4, Nice 6
Jill Smith Child (5 days left) Grow Up Public School A Logic 1 Virgo Neat 7, Ougoing 3, Active 4, Playful 6, Nice 5
General Buzz Grunt Adult (15 days left) Popularity General (Military) Mechanical 8, Charisma 7, Body 10 Leo, Neat 6, Outgoing 7, Active 10, Playful 0, Nice 2
Tank Grunt Teen (5 days left) Popularity Public School A- None Capricorn, Neat 6, Outgoing 4, Active 10, Playful 0, Nice 5
Ripp Grunt Teen (8 days left) Romance Public School C-/Gas Station Attendant (Slacker) Mechanical 1, Charisma 1 Saggitarius, Neat 1, Outgoing 8, Active 1, Playful 7, Nice 8
Buck Grunt Child (4 days left) Grow Up Public School A+ None Scorpio, Neat 10, Outgoing 3, Active 3, Plauful 0, Nice 9
Ajay Loner Adult (23 days left) Fortune Unemployed None Gemini, Neat 6, Outgoing 7, Active 4, Playful 3, Nice 5
Lola Singles Adult (20 days left) Fortune Unemployed Logic 2, Creativity 1 Saggitarius, Neat 3, Outgoing 8, Active 4, Playful 3, Nice 7
Erin Singles Adult (23 days left) Popularity Unemployed Charisma 1, Creativity 1 Aries, Neat 4, Outgoing 4, Active 4, Playful 7, Nice 6
Kirsten Singles Adult (26 days left) Fortune Unemployed Body 2, Creativity 2 Taurus, Neat 3, Outgoign 5, Active 7, Playful 2, Nice 8
Chloe Singles Adult (28 days left) Romance Unemployed Charisma 3, Body 2 Cancer, Neat 3, Outgoing 8, Active 3, Playful 8, Nice 3

Many of the ages seem illogical according to the storyline and Sims' personal memories, but Maxis is known for goofing up many storyline plots in the neighborhoods.

Family Ties[edit]

The following information shows how all of the Sims listed are related if a relation exists:

Smith/Curious Relationship: Jenny Smith, Pascal Curious, Vidcund Curious, and Lazlo Curious are all siblings sharing the parents Glarn and Kitty Curious. Glarn has two daughters with Pollination Tech#9 Smith whose names are Chloe Singles and Lola Singles. The Smith/Curious sisters are not related to their roommates even though they oddly share a surname. Pollination Tech#9 also has 2 more children with his wife, Jenny Smith. They are Johnny and Jill Smith. Chloe and Lola have six half-siblings, Jenny Smith, Lazlo Curious, Pascal Curious, Vidcund Curious, Johnny Smith, and Jill Smith.

Subject/Spector Relationship: Nervous Subject, roommate of the Beakers, is the son of the elderly Olive Spector. His father's existence is unknown but it is implied that Nervous might actually be the Grim Reaper's son. Olive Spector is also related to Ophelia Nigmos, Johnny Smith's sweetheart. Olive is Ophelia's aunt seeing as Ophelia's mother, Willow, was Olive's sister.

Grunt Relationship: General Buzz Grunt is the father of the three Grunt children. Their mother left their father sometime before the game opens. The grave of Lyla Grunt, said mother, can be found in Olive Specter's garden.

Beaker Relationship: Loki Beaker is the husband of Circe Beaker and the brother of Erin Singles. All other relatives are dead or unknown.

Those not listed above don't have significant, if any, family relations to the rest of Strangetown residences. The above information was mainly gathered from observing the in-game family tree feature.