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It used to be that your sim days were full of monotonous sunshine. But now it's no more. With seasons you can head outside for snowball fights, catching fireflies and playing catch but beware or your sim could freeze, overheat or meet their maker on the other end of a lightning strike.


You don't have to follow the normal progression of Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn if you don't want to. To pick the seasons for your neighbourhood, click on the new seasons chooser in the neighbourhood screen. When you're done choosing the seasons, click OK and all the households now follow the seasonal order. Each season comes with its own activities, weather and challenges.


Winter is when it snows and with snow comes fun. Build a snowman, make snow angels, go ice skating and enjoy snowball fights but keep your sims warm. If your sims become too cold, there's always some hot chocolate but drink up before your sims freeze to death.


Spring is the season of birth. Romantic sims may also find a little something in that season. For spring, it's time to plant the crops for your garden. You can also head out to play catch, rollerblade or catch butterflies but watch out for the lightning storm or your sims could be electrocuted to death.


Summer comes with new activities and new styles. Buy tiki furniture and upgrade your pool with a new slide so that you can enjoy a game of Marco Polo. Go fishing and enjoy a water balloon fight. At night, get your sims to catch fireflies. Summer does have a challenge too, namely avoiding heatstroke and hailstorms. It's friendship that gets the benefit in summer.


Less time for fun in autumn. It's time to harvest for the winter and keep the leaf piles in order. Sims may also find that little something to help them in their career path so lets harvest the crops and get bundled up for the winter.


Gardening is the new activity in Seasons. To start your gardening experience, search the new gardening section in build mode and purchase a garden plot. To plant seeds click on the plot and select Plant then choose the desired seed. As your seed grows, it requires care and maintenance. When it becomes ripe, click on it to harvest it. Harvested crops have many uses.

  • They can be sold for money
  • They can make special juices
  • They can be used to make meals with that extra "oomph".

Your sims can also make a greenhouse to harvest all year long. To make a greenhouse, simply go back to the gardening section, select a greenhouse wall to make a room, add a door and roof and your ready to go. Finally, your sims can join the gardening club. To join, click on a member and select Request Garden Club Membership. The gardening club will then inspect your garden from top to bottom. If your garden is up to scratch then your in. Being in the club can give you some special rewards.


If you don't want to spend that time gardening but still want fresh food then why not try your hand at fishing. To fish click on a lake and select Fish using... and select the bait. At the start you can only use a worm but continued pratice will unlock new baits. There are plenty of fish to catch and plenty of uses for them.

  • Fish can mean money
  • Fish can be mounted on the wall
  • Fish can mean food

All fish can make a special meal on the grill.


  • You can now select a specific hairstyle for a specific outfit.
  • You can now save food as leftovers
  • There's a new Pay All Bills interaction on the mailbox
  • You can transfer objects from a playable sim's inventory to an NPCs through the Give Gift interaction
  • Six new careers to try out. Choose from Education, Music, Law, Gamer, Journalism and Adventure.