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Buy Mode is where you get the objects that sims use in The Sims 2. This article reviews the process and mechanics of buy mode.

Buy Mode and Object Basics[edit]

To enter buy mode, just click on its icon and you're there. The panel is divided into two parts, tools and categories. To get an object, choose a category. After you've selected a category, you can select a sub-category. A catalogue of objects will now appear, Objects with a blue background can be purchased. Objects with red backgrounds are too expensive. When you click on an object, information pops up about it as well as design variations like colour and texture. Hold the cursor down and drag it into the area where you want the object. If it's in a valid location, the tiles under it will be green. If not, they'll be red. Let go of the cursor and you've bought the object.

Buy Mode Hotkeys[edit]

  • Ctrl+Z: Undoes your actions
  • Ctrl+Y: Redoes your actions
  • Delete: Deletes selected object
  • Shift: Multiplies object. Must be done before object is placed.
  • F1: Returns to Live Mode
  • F3: Puts you in Build Mode
  • F4: Puts you in Story Mode
  • F5: Puts you in Options Mode
  • H: Activates Hand Tool
  • E: Activates Eyedropper
  • R: Activates Design Tool
  • L: Day/Night Toggle
  • T: Activates Top Down View

Buy Mode Tools[edit]

Next to the categories, you'll see several tools that can help you buy objects.

  • Hand Tool. Used for dragging objects.
  • Eyedropper. Used to duplicate objects and design variations.
  • Design Tool. Changes design variations on selected object. Redesign costs $15
  • Day/Night Toggle. Changes setting to day or night.
  • Undo/Redo. Undoes and Redoes your actions
  • Top Down View. Puts you into birds-eye view.
  • Sort by Room. Object categories are sorted by room rather than function.
  • Collections. Collections are where you put your favorite objects for easy access.

Object States[edit]

At any time in live mode, objects can exist in any state.

  • Appreciation/Depreciation. The majority of objects go through three stages of depreciation. First, they go through an initial depreciation the first day they are purchased. After that, they go through a daily depreciation, that acts as a reduction of value every day. Finally, objects have a depreciation limit in which an object cannot depreciate beyond that limit. Some art objects have a 50/50 chance of depreciating or appreciating each day.
  • Dirty. Some objects have to be cleaned regularly to ensure a high environment score. These objects become dirtier with every use although how dirty depends on the neat personality of those sims.
  • Breaking. Electronic and Plumbing objects can randomly break after each use and have to be repaired. Repairing restores the object to its previous state. To repair an object, just click on it and select the appropriate interaction. The rate is based on mechanical skill. Electronic objects can electrocute and cannot be used when broken. By contrast, plumbing objects, don't electrocute and can be used before repairs.

Other Objects[edit]

There are plenty of objects not available in buy mode. Some cannot be manipulated so easily. These objects include.

  • Aspiration Rewards.
  • Career Rewards.
  • Bills
  • Homework
  • Trash Piles
  • Food
  • Sim Art
  • Puddles
  • Community-lot only objects.
  • Weeds
  • Bookshelf Books
  • Magazines