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The Sims 2: FreeTime comes with several new socials. A lot of them are unlockable. This article catalogues each social that comes with this expansion pack. Each social interaction has three elements. Availability, acceptance and outcomes. Availability will be presented first then a brief discussion of the social. The table presents the values Sim B must have to accept the interaction and the dot points below present each outcome for the hobby. Note that because there are so many relationship boosters, the values will most likely be greater than those shown.

Ask Interactions[edit]

Ask for Knowledge[edit]

See below

Ask for Hobby Instruction[edit]

See below

Check on Baby[edit]


  • Sim A has parenting skill and Sim B is a baby.

Teens and above can learn the parenting skill from any bookshelf. Once learnt, they'll unlock the Check on Baby interaction. When this interaction is performed, the sim checking will present an icon of the babies lowest need. e.g. If the icon is a shower then the baby's lowest need is hygiene. This allows players to fulfill their babies most pressing needs without the need to guess.

Entertain Interactions[edit]

Inside Joke[edit]


  • Sim B is a Best Friend Forever

Any child or older with a Best Friend Forever relationship gets this bonus interaction. Playful sims might do this interaction autonomously. What sets it apart from other interactions is that it will always be accepted. Because of this, the outcomes are as follows.

  • Both sims daily rise by 6
  • Both sims lifetime rise by 2

Flirt Interactions[edit]

Smooth Talk[edit]


  • Sim A has level 4 Romance benefit

This interaction allows romance sims to smooth over fights with their quarry. It will clear any furious state that sim B has. Note that because this is a Flirt interaction, any third party sim that witnesses the interaction and happens to be one of the sims lovers will automatically feel cheated on with the usual effects. The benefit of this interaction is that it can be used to clear things over with that sim too. It does however have acceptance criteria which is as follows.

Love Crush Mood Lifetime Daily
Yes N/A >-50 N/A N/A
N/A Yes >-20 N/A N/A
No No N/A >50 >30
No No >-20 >50 <30
No No N/A <50 >50
No No >30 <50 <50
  • Accepted
    • Sim Bs furious state removed
    • Both sims daily rise by 8
    • Both sims lifetime rise by 1
  • Rejected
    • Both sims daily fall by 10
    • Both sims lifetime fall by 2

Listen to Instructions[edit]

See below

Listen to Knowledge[edit]

See below

Play Interactions[edit]

Toss Football[edit]


  • Daily above -20 and lifetime above 0

This is one of the few new socials that isn't an unlockable as such. It develops Sports enthusiasm for both sims involved. Acceptance rules are.

Active Daily Lifetime
3-7 >-15 >0
3-7 <-15 >10
<3 N/A >30
>8 <-15
  • Accepted
    • Both sims gain Sports enthusiasm
    • Both sims daily rise by 5
    • Both sims lifetime rise by 1
  • Rejected
    • Both sims daily fall by 2

Sing Folk Song[edit]


  • Level 4 Pleasure Aspiration benefit

The folk song can bring fun to several sims at once. Outgoing and Playful sims might do this action autonomously. Other sims can join with the Ask to Join interaction. Acceptance rules are.

Daily Lifetime Playful Outgoing
>0 N/A N/A N/A
  • Accepted
    • All sims daily rise by 4
    • All sims lifetime rise by 1
  • Rejected
    • All sims daily fall by 4

Sing Nursery Rhyme[edit]


  • One of the sims is a toddler and has been taught the nursery rhyme

Any sim can sing with a toddler if he or she has been taught a nursery rhyme. For the teach interaction see below. This interaction has a different set of outcomes to the Teach Nursery Rhyme interaction. These are

  • Both sims daily rise by 7
  • Both sims lifetime rise by 2
  • Both sims gain Music & Dance enthusiasm

Talk Interactions[edit]

Impart Knowledge[edit]


  • Level 2 Knowledge benefit, Sim A has reached level 8 in a skill and Sim B is under level 8

Another unlocked interaction, this interaction can teach several sims at once without the need for a career reward. As well, it teaches sims at the same rate as most career rewards. Other sims can join the lesson with the Listen to Knowledge interaction. Sims can also Ask for Knowledge. In this interactions, the values are the same except the roles are reversed. Acceptance rules are.

Mood Daily Lifetime
>0 >-20 N/A
>0 <-20 >-10
  • Accepted
    • Both sims daily rise by 4
    • Both sims lifetime rise by 1
    • Sim B gains skill points for specified skill
  • Rejected
    • Both sims daily fall by 3

Instruct in Hobby[edit]

  • Availability
    • Sim A is a Hobby leader or
    • Sim A has level 9 enthusiasm and Sim B is between level 7 and 0.

This interaction boosts enthusiasm for all sims involved. Sim B must have done at least one activity for the specific hobby to be able to gain instruction. Once teaching has started, other sims can join with the Listen to Instructions hobby. This interaction is available to everyone except for children.

Mood Daily Lifetime
>0 >-20 N/A
>0 <-20 >-10
  • Accepted
    • Both sims daily rise by 4
    • Both sims lifetime rise by 1
    • All sims gain hobby enthusiasm
  • Rejected
    • Both sims daily fall by 3

Talk About Hobby[edit]


  • Sim A has level 1 in specified hobby and both daily and lifetime are above -20

Any sim can talk about their favourite activities to any other sim. Outgoing sims can do this autonomously. It is a normal social. Note that it doesn't increase enthusiasm at all, it just lets sims chat about their hobby.

Hobby Enthusiasm Daily Lifetime
>8 >-20 N/A
3-8 >0 N/A
0-2 >10 N/A
0-2 <10 >50
0 >20 N/A

If sim B has level 7 for the hobby. The outcomes will be doubled instead of those produced below.

  • Accepted
    • Both sims daily rise by 4
    • Both sims lifetime rise by 1
  • Rejected
    • Both sims daily fall by 3

Teach Nursery Rhyme[edit]


  • Sim B is a toddler and has not been taught the nursery rhyme.

Any older sim can spend time with the toddler to teach him or her the nursery rhyme. It's just like learning to talk or walk. While being taught, a bar appears over the toddlers head and slowly fills up. When full, the toddler can sing the nursery rhyme. Toddlers also gain charisma while being taught the nursery rhyme. How much is not shown, however. The toddler will stop this interaction if his or her needs are too low. When this happens, you can try but they won't be able to learn any more. Outcomes are:

  • Both sims gain Music & Dance enthusiasm
  • Sim B learns the nursery rhyme and charisma
  • Sim A's daily rises by 5
  • Sim A's lifetime rises by 2
  • Sim B's daily rises by 10
  • Sim B's lifetime rises by 3

Object-Based Interactions[edit]



  • Sim A has level 3 in Film & Literature

This interaction allows several sims to gain Film & Literature enthusiasm at the same time by holding unofficial book club meetings. In this interaction your sim gets out the specified book, approaches the other sim, they sit down and start to talk about the book. Sim B doesn't even need any hobby enthusiasm. Other sims can then join this interaction by selecting Join. Outcomes are.

  • Both sims daily rise by 5
  • Both sims daily rise by 1

Share Hobby Tips[edit]


  • Sim A has level 6 in specific hobby.

This interaction lets one sim speed enthusiasm gain by talking to another sim while the other sim is performing a hobby-related activity. If a sim is using any of these objects and is gaining enthusiasm for the correct object, then this interaction will be available.

  • Easel
  • Pottery Wheel
  • Sewing Machine
  • Treadmill
  • Workout Benches
  • Arcade Machines
  • Pinball Machine
  • Piano
  • Synthesizer
  • Violin
  • Fishing
  • Hydroponic Garden
  • Biotech station
  • Surgical Dummy
  • Telescope
  • Axe throwing
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Restorable Car
  • Robot Bench

Sim Bs level of enthusiasm doesn't count in terms of this interactions availability. Sim A simply needs level 6 in the correct hobby. Sim B must also be in Sim As household. Any visitor will not spawn this interaction. Note that hobby leaders can and will perform this interaction autonomously if you go to their lot. Because this interaction can't be rejected, there is only one set of outcomes.

  • Both sims' daily rise by 5
  • Both sims' lifetime rise by 1
  • Both sims' gain hobby enthusiasm for specified hobby