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Personal Inventory Objects[edit]

This is a new type of object introduced in University. As the name suggests, it's objects that your Sims carry in their personal inventory. These include a cell phone, handheld games console, and personal music player. All three of these objects cannot be bought in Buy Mode. The only way to get them is from the new gadget kiosk, which you can find on college community lots. Only teens or older can buy these items, although they can give the handheld games console to a child Sim so they can play it.

NOVIN 2680 Cellular Phone[edit]

NOVIN 2680 Cellular Phone

Sims can either Text or Call each other using the cell phone. Texting does increase Fun and Social, but the message isn't sent to a specific Sim, so no relationship points are gained. The cell phone more-or-less works like any other phone, and it can be used anywhere, whether at home or on community lots.

Cozmo MP3 Player[edit]

Cozmo MP3 Player

To use the music player, all interactions must be selected through the Sim themself. Sims can listen to music, and switch to any of the stations.

LeTournament Decahedron XS[edit]

LeTournament Decahedron XS

This handheld game console can be played alone or with another Sim who is also carrying their own device. The other Sim will always accept. All Townie Sims carry this device.

Reward Objects[edit]

Aspiration Reward Objects[edit]

Genuine Buck’s Famous Counterfeiting Machine[edit]

27,750 Reward Points

With this machine, teens or older Sims can counterfeit their own money. It does come with risks though. There's a chance the machine can catch fire whilst using it, but there's also a risk that the police will show up and fine your Sim a hefty §2,000 and confiscate the machine. To get the money, your Sim must crank the machine and then collect the money.

Career Reward Objects[edit]

Dr. Vu's Automated Cosmetic Surgeon[edit]

Unlocked by reaching Show Business career level 6

Laganaphyllis Simnovorii[edit]

Unlocked by reaching Natural Scientist career level 6

Luminous Pro Antique Camera[edit]

Unlocked by reaching Artist career level 5


Unlocked by reaching Paranormal career level 5

Community Lot Objects[edit]


Impresso Espress-O-Matic[edit]

Impresso Espress-O-Matic
Community SortMiscellaneous, Outdoor, Food
Other info
  • Initial Depreciation: $224
  • Daily Depreciation: $149
  • Depreciation Limit: $598

Sims can order coffee for §5. Drinking coffee satisfies Hunger but depletes Bladder. Sims can also work the expresso machine for extra cash.


Sellafone Gadget Kiosk[edit]

Sellafone Gadget Kiosk
Need EffectsFun 4, Environment 7
Community SortMiscellaneous, Shopping
Other info
  • Initial Depreciation: $375
  • Daily Depreciation: $250
  • Depreciation Limit: $1,000

Sims can purchase the three new personal inventory objects from this kiosk: the cellphone, handheld games console, and music player.


Way Coolinary Fluid Island Bar[edit]

Way Coolinary Fluid Island Bar
Need EffectsFun 3
Community SortMiscellaneous, Food
Other info
  • Initial Depreciation: $277
  • Daily Depreciation: $185
  • Depreciation Limit: $740