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The Sims 2: Bon Voyage has many collectables for your Sims to find. They can be found in many different ways and are in many different forms. This page covers all the types of collectables and how you can find them all.

Learned Abilities[edit]


Each of the three vacation neighborhoods has its own gesture. Your Sims can learn it and use it with their friends back home. To learn a gesture, your Sim needs to accept it from a local while they're on holiday. After a Sim has accepted it once, they can perform it to other Sims, however they perform it badly. After they accept it a third time, they become accustomed to it and can perform it perfect. A Sim which knows a gesture can teach it to other Sims in turn by using it on them. Like on the original Sim, it takes three gestures to perfect it on the receiving Sim.

There are three gestures overall, and learning any one of them perfectly will give you a memory and unlock a specific Vacation Memento. By learning all three gestures, an extra memento is unlocked.

Destination Gesture Memento
Island Hang Loose TS2 BV Collectable GestureI.png Hang loose with the locals
Far East Bow TS2 BV Collectable GestureFE.png Take a bow
Mountain Chest Thump TS2 BV Collectable GestureM.png Pound your chest like a true mountaineer

Your Sim can give any of the gestures to any local, regardless of destination. However, if you give the wrong gesture to a Sim it can result in it being rejected and your relationship score dropping.


Similar to gestures, each vacation destination also has its own dance too. To learn a dance, your Sim needs to join a local who is already doing it. Eventually they will get the hang of it themselves and will be able to dance themselves. If a Sim starts a dance, other Sims can join in too, and they will eventually learn the dance as well. Each dance satisfies different motives for your Sims. They can only be learned on vacation, but they can be performed back home too.

Like gestures, learning a dance gives you a vacation memento:

Destination Dance Memento Needs Affected
Island Hula TS2 BV Collectable DanceHula.png Shake that grass skirt on the beach Fun, Energy, Social
Far East Tai Chi TS2 BV Collectable DanceTaiChi.png Join in ancient exercise Energy, Comfort, Hunger, Hygiene, Social
Mountain Slap Dance TS2 BV Collectable DanceSlap.pngLearn to dance like the mountain men Fun, Energy, Social


The Hula can only be learned in Island destinations, but can be started from any stereo. Other Sims will join autonomously when nearby, as long as they have a positive relationship with the Sim who starts it. Doing the Hula will satisfy the Sim's Fun need but will lower Energy. Doing the dance with other Sims raises the Social stat for everyone.

Slap Dance[edit]

Similar to the Hula, the Slap Dance can only be learned in Mountain destinations. Like the Hula, it also can be started from any stereo. Other Sims will join if they are nearby and have a positive relationship with the Sim. Doing the dance will raise a Sim's Fun need but will deplete Energy. If it is done with other Sims, the Social need will be satisfied too.

Tai Chi[edit]

Tai Chi is slightly different to the other two dances. Once a Sim learns it, it can be started anytime by clicking on the Sim and choosing it (similar to Yoga). Doing Tai Chi satisfies Energy and Comfort, but lowers Hunger and Hygiene. If it is done with other Sims, it satisfies Social. If a Sim does it at Home, then Body skill can be built too.


Massages in Bon Voyage

In Bon Voyage, Sims can now buy Massage tables for their houses. Massage tables can also be placed on community lots, especially in vacation neighborhoods. There, they spawn with a masseuse who will give them a destination-specific massage for §100, or teach them it for §500. They can use these massages on other Sims at home, however, unlike gestures and dances, Sims cannot teach other Sims the massage. A massage raises the Energy, Comfort, and Social stats.

If the massage table is used at home and the masseuse does not know any destination-specific massages, only a Swedish massage will be available. Learning a special massage from a local will unlock a vacation memento.

Destination Massage Memento
Island Hot Stones TS2 BV Collectable MassageHotStones.png Learn to spread relaxation with heat
Far East Acupressure TS2 BV Collectable MassageAcupressure.png Learn the ancient massage of the Far East
Mountain Deep Tissue TS2 BV Collectable MassageDeepTissue.png Learn to work out tension the mountain way


In Far East destinations, the Ninja occasionally makes an appearance. If you approach him and use the Learn to Teleport interaction, he will give your Sim a riddle. If you get the riddle right (the answer is always random), your Sim will gain the Teleport interaction. It is similar to the Go Here interaction normally used by your Sims. You will also gain a Vacation Memento.

Ghost Captain[edit]

Sometimes when your Sims are exploring The Swashbuckling Shipwrecker pirate ship, they may get a rather big shock from the ghost captain, Captain Edward Dregg. You can socialize with this strange spirit until your daily relationship with him is 8 or above, at which point he will offer to teach your Sim a sea shanty.

After your Sims have been taught it a couple of times, the option will come available to use on other Sims, who in turn can learn the social. This will reward the Sim with a Vacation Memento.

Fire Dancer[edit]

The Fire Dancer can be seen in all of the vacation destinations, and for §75, he will teach you how to do the fire dance. It takes a long time to learn it fully, but when it is done the Sim can perform it, giving anybody nearby a Fun boost. If The Sims 2: University is installed, your Sims can also perform for tips.

Other Collectables[edit]


Each of the three vacation destinations has its own themed food stall which sells three dishes unique to the place. One of the three dishes at each destination will earn your Sim a vacation memento. However, the memento is not directly tied to the destination, so you could build an island-themed food stand on a normal community lot, and unlock the memento that way.

Destination Food Stand
Island Taste of the Tropics Food Stand
Far East Nutritious Noodles Food Stand
Mountain Flippin' Fred's Flapjack Shack

To earn all the mementos, your Sim needs to eat the following dishes:

Destination Dish Memento
Island Pineapple Surprise TS2 BV Collectable FoodPineapple.png Try a fruity island treat
Far East Chirashi TS2 BV Collectable FoodChirashi.png Try a fishy eastern delicacy
Mountain Flapjacks TS2 BV Collectable FoodFlapjacks.png Enjoy a hearty mountain meal


Souvenirs can be bought from souvenir racks at vacation destinations. There are three variations of the Simple Seller Souvenir Rack and each one corresponds to a vacation destination. Your Sims can purchase souvenirs and display them using the ShowMeOff Rack of Glory at home.

Displaying five of a certain type of souvenir (for example five island souvenirs) on the souvenir rack at home has a special effect on nearby Sims:

  • Five Island souvenirs: Romantic socials between Sims are more effective.
  • Five Far East souvenirs: Skill-building is accelerated.
  • Five Mountain souvenirs: Non-romantic socials between Sims are more effective.

Treasure Hunting[edit]

Sims can now dig for treasure anywhere outside. When they do, they have a chance of finding something, which will go straight into their inventory. They can find:


There are three different rocks which a Sim can dig up. They can be used as a decorative object, or sold:

Item Value
Greta the Granite §75
Rocky the Rock §50
Skippy the Stone §25

Treasure Chests[edit]

Treasure Chests are rare to find, but they are very expensive items with a high decorative value. When used as a decoration, they glow brightly and give a full Environment score. If they are sold, they can net a nice §5000 too.

Maps to Secret Lots[edit]

If the Sim is digging for treasure while on Vacation, they have a chance of finding a map to the secret vacation lot in that destination. However, if the Sim is digging at home, they stand a chance of finding one of the three maps to secret lots in their home neighborhoods.

If the Sim already has a map, they can sell it for §400 each, or they can be hung on walls for an Environment score of 3.


Sims cannot use the Dig for Treasure action on a beach, but instead a new interaction Comb for Seashells is available. Using it, a Sim has the chance to dig up a shell, a valuable piece of jewelry, or even a crab.

Most of the time, your Sim will dig up an object such as a shell or clam. They can be placed on a souvenir stand or sold for §430. If they are put on display, the interaction Share Discovery Story becomes available which, when used, satisfies the Fun and Social needs and benefits the Sims' daily relationships.

In the rare chance that your Sim digs up jewelry, they can wear it by using the mirror's Change Appearance action. These pieces of jewelry cannot be bought normally, they are secret finds only available on the beach.