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Sick and tired of the same old lifestyle? What your sims need is a holiday and with Bon Voyage, you can take three. Go to the beach to sun and surf, camp in the mountains or experience the nature of the far east. It's your choice.

New Features[edit]

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage brings many new features, objects, and socials to the game. Most notably is the ability to go on Vacation, and the three vacation island resorts. Beach lots can also be created.


Sims can now book vacations to any of the vacation islands you create in the game. They can stay in hotels, campgrounds, or vacation homes which they now can buy. They can learn greetings, dances and massages, and gain mementos while they're away. There are new community lots selling exotic food at new stalls, and a few surprises in store such as the Temple of Jumbok IV and The Swashbuckling Shipwrecker.

Sims can now take photos wherever they are, and pose for them too. On the computer, they can order prints of their pictures and put them on display on a wall or on a table. By going on tours they can find secret lots where they can unlock special rewards. Even better, there is the possibility of unlocking Bigfoot, and you can lure him back home to become a playable character.

New NPCs[edit]

There are a whole ton of new non-playable characters, such as Fire Dancers, Masseuses, and the Unsavory Charlatan who attempts to pickpocket your Sims. The Tour Guide will help you around the vacation resort and let you book tours. The Bellhop will deliver room service around-the-clock and the Ghost Captain will scare your Sims silly if they dare to plunder near his pirate ship.

Other Additions[edit]

In Build Mode, you can now build Pagoda Roofs on your Far East-themed houses. You can also place objects on roofs. Clothing booths can also now be used to change in, as well as trying on clothes. There are also new turn-ons and turn-offs added to the game. Sims can now wear jewellery, purchased from a new vending rack on community lots. It can also be found by digging for treasure.

When your Sim visits a community lot, he or she can now decide who goes with them and who doesn't, rather than everyone having to go. Sims can now also invite their friends to stay a few nights as houseguests, to get to know them better. Death on community lots is also handled differently now, and Sims can now be married on community lots too.