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Veronaville is based on Shakespeare's work and serves to teach newcomers about how romance works in The Sims 2.

Capp Family[edit]

The Capp family is very easy to play with. Simply have Juliette propose to go steady with Romeo and you're done. Consort will then lecture Romeo. If you continue playing, you may encounter a lot of ghosts on the lot at night.

Monty Family[edit]

Romeo wants to see his love. Have him phone Juliette and invite her over. When she arrives, she'll bring Tybalt with her. Have Romeo make out with Juliette. Mercutio will be insulted by Juliette, and attacked by Tybalt. There is a chance that Mercutio will win the fight, but unfortunately the chances of him winning are extremely thin. Tybalt then leaves the lot.

Summerdream Family[edit]

It's a party at the Summerdream house. First, make Puck have his first kiss with Hermia. This makes Mercutio jealous and he takes it out on the two lovebirds. Next give the adults some love. Make Oberon propose to Titania and then marry them with the wedding arch in the backyard. This should make the party really successful. Note that if you keep the stereo on up late, the police may come and break up the party.