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Science is about physics and chemistry and learning as much as you can. This is the article for science.


Toddlers can build science enthusiasm with the logic-building toy. As children, they have nearly every option available to them. The ant farm and two career rewards are what build science enthusiasm. Sims that take an interest in the weather can also gain enthusiasm. Watch the weather and even take control of it.

The main element of science in this game seems to be astronomy. Start with stragazing on the ground at night. Your sims might even see a shooting star, then get them a telescope. The telescope has now been upgraded so that you know what your sims see. As they unlock more options, they might even earn cash by discovering a new planet or a new star. In fact, if you're really lucky, you might contact some beings that are out of this world.

In college, it seems obvious that you want to study for either the Science or the Medical careers. The majors to choose from are Biology, Mathematics and Physics. As adults get them in one of the careers and enjoy the reward you unlock. You can unlock a surgical dummy if you choose medicine or a biotech station which makes medicine that you can sell for money.

Aspirational Laboratories[edit]

There's lots to do on this lot. The tower you see is only useful at night, you can use the telescope above it. Head inside to see computers, a biotech station or a surgical dummy. You might want to get lessons on using these objects. Another room contains several ant farms for you to study.

Chance Cards[edit]

These are the science hobby chance cards.

  • Chance Card 1: An untrustworthy classmate asks to borrow homework. If you say yes, you could get a friend or lose enthusiasm. If you say no, you could gain enthusiasm or lose $25.
  • Chance Card 2: You're given an offer to join a study group. If you join, you could gain or lose enthusiasm. If you don't, you could gain enthusiasm or lose $25
  • Chance Card 3: You're given an option for a lab partner. you could pick a friend or a smart kid. Both options could give or take enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 4: Your co-workers are building a model rocket and you're in charge of the fuel. If you use the generic fuel, you could gain or lose enthusiasm. If you use experimental fuel, you could gain enthusiasm or get a demotion.
  • Chance Card 5: A co-worker offers a stargazing trip. If you accept the offer, you could gain or lose enthusiasm. If you don't you could gain $150 or lose $100.
  • Chance Card 6: Your boss tasks you with a presentation on DNA. If you spice it up, you could gain enthusiasm or a demotion. If you use a boring one, you could gain or lose enthusiasm.



These are the unlockables relating to science.

  • Level 1-Talk about Science
  • Level 2-Read Science section
  • Level 3-Search for Constellations
  • Level 4-Browse Web for Science
  • Level 5-Search for Planets, Join Aspirational Laboratories
  • Level 6-Share Hobby Tips (Telescope, Career rewards)
  • Level 7-Blog about Science
  • Level 8-Watch for UFOs
  • Level 9-Instruct in Science
  • Level 10-Be in the Zone

There are also three other unlockables.

  • Biotech station. Science career reward.
  • Surgical dummy. Medical career reward.
  • Weather Machine. Aspiration reward.

Basic Info[edit]

These are the ranks for the science hobby.

  • 1 Unispired Underling
  • 2-4 Baby Biologist
  • 5-7 Telescope Whisperer
  • 8-9 Discoverer of Galaxies
  • 10 Some Kind of Einstein

This is basic information.

  • Skill: Logic
  • Personality: Neat, Serious
  • Interests: Sci-Fi
  • Mannerisms: Logic Puzzle


These are the all the objects and interactions relating to science.

  • Telescope
  • Biotech station
  • Surgical dummy
  • Stargazing on ground
  • Toddler logic toy
  • Space themed posters (University)
  • Weather Station (Seasons)
  • Weather Control Device (Seasons)
  • Ant Farm (Seasons)
  • Hydrogen and Oxygen Molecule sculpture (FreeTime)
  • Microscope sculpture (FreeTime)
  • Space-themed poster (FreeTime)
  • UFO ceiling sculpture (FreeTime)