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There are several hobby objects in The Sims 2: FreeTime and it seems right that most can be found in the hobbies category.


In addition to the new instruments, the easel has been upgraded. First and most obvious, painting on the easel improves Arts & Crafts. Second, there's a new interaction for Grilled Cheese sims. If you choose the third aspiration benefit for their path, sims will be able to paint pictures of grilled cheese sandwiches. Finally, you can frame sim created paintings in a variety of colours. To do this simply click on the painting and select Frame... then choose the style you want. Framing can also be done on drawings created with the drafting table.

The BOB 3942 by SoundEscapes
Need EffectsFun 10, Environment 1
Skill(s)Creativity, Mechanical
HobbiesMusic & Dance, Tinkering
Community SortMiscellaneous

The synthesiser is a unique instrument that lets you create your own music rather than listen to prerecored tunes. There are several interactions for this object.

  • Practice: Always available. Builds creativity and Music & Dance. Quality of music is dependent on creativity.
  • Compose: Unlocked at creativity 4. This is the interaction to create custom music. There are several elements to composing a tune and some can confuse you. The sub-interactions are.
    • Audition: Choose from melody, bass or rthym and select one of their five tracks. You can also remove a track from your composition.
    • Change Style: Changes the style of the music when you audition. The choices depend on creativity and they are Electronica (always available), New Age (Creativity 6), Pop (Creativity 8), Sci-Fi (Creativity 9) and Classical (Creativity 10).
    • Save. Saves your custom track. Must be named first. Custom tracks are actually saved on the sim and not on the object itself.
  • Perform. Perform a custom compostition or a random track. Sims can only perform tunes that they have created. While performing, other sims may do these interactions.
    • Watch: Sim cheers or boos based on skill, relationship and personality. Available while practising as well.
    • Dance: Choose a dance and boogie just like any stereo. Functions as normal dancing.
  • Tinker: Tinker with the synthesiser. Carries chance of electrocution.
  • Repair: If synthesiser breaks down, this interaction repairs it. Carries chance of electrocution for low mechanical sims.
Simavarious VII Concert Violin
Need EffectsFun 10, Environment 2
HobbiesMusic & Dance
Room(s)Study, Living
Community SortMiscellaneous

The violin functions almost the same as any musical instrument. It has these interactions.

  • Play: Sim plays violin. Skill at playing depends on creativity. Note that there is no practice interaction and unlike the piano and other instruments. It doesn't let you select the genre with which to play. If Music & Dance level 10 is achieved, several things will happen. First, your sim will dress into their formalwear before playing. Second your sim will also hear the noise of an audience as they play.
  • Play for Tips: Just like Play except your sim gets out a tip jar. Functions the same as other instruments. As your sim plays, other sims will tip him or her based on creativity skill. Obviously, if no-one is on the lot, your sim will not be tipped. When sim stops playing, they check the tip jar and react to how much they've earnt.
  • Watch: Sim watches other sim play and reacts based on the skill of the violinist.


Telescopes have been completely upgraded. First, telescopes now improve Science enthusiasm. Second, they have a variety of interactions.

  • Stargaze: Like before except sims now show thought bubbles of stars and constellations that they see. There's also a chance they might find a new star. Each sim can discover up to two new stars. Discovering a star gives a $500 reward.
  • Search for Constellations: A level 3 benefit for Science sims. Sims show thought bubbles of various constellations that they see.
  • Search for Planets: A level 5 benefit for Science sims. Sims show thought bubbles of different planets. In addition, up to two new planets can be discovered by your sims. Discovering a planet gives a $500 reward.
  • Watch for UFOs: A level 8 benefir for Science sims. Sim searches the sky for a UFO. Has a greater-than-normal chance of being abducted.
  • Summon Aliens: Sim places a torch in the telescope in an attempt to lure a UFO. This benefit is available to knowledge sims that have all their aspiration-related benefits. This interaction has the greatest chance of getting abducted. Sims that get abducted have a larger boost to Science enthusiasm. Other than that abductions function as they always have.
Bookworm's Delight
Need EffectsFun 1
Need MaximumFun 75
Skill(s)Cooking, Mechanical, Cleaning, Parenting
HobbiesCuisine, Film & Literature, Nature, Tinkering
Room(s)Study, Living, Bedroom
Community SortMiscellaneous

Bookshelves have been completely revamped for The Sims 2: FreeTime. Therefore, all interactions are listed here.

  • Read Book. Builds Film & Literature. Previously, this was a generic interaction. Now you can choose the type of book to read. Choose from Childrens, Cooking, Drama, Mystery, Romance or Sci-Fi. For sims that reach level 10 in Film & Literature, another bonus is available. When reading, you will here sounds related to the novel. e.g. If your sim reads a sci-fi novel then you'll hear UFO sounds.
  • Write in Diary. Acts as normal. However, this interaction now builds Film & Literature enthusiasm.
  • Study. You can now choose to study parenting as a skill. When studying, a bar appears over your sim as with other skills. When, this bar is filled up, your sim gains the new Check on Baby interaction. When checking on a baby, you sim will flash a thought bubble of the babies lowest need. This allows for better parenting. In addition, learning the parenting skill gives sims a memory. Finally, the three other skills all build a specific hobby.
    • Cooking: Cuisine
    • Mechanical: Tinkering
    • Cleaning: Nature
  • Read Custom Book. If your sim has written a novel on the computer, then they can read it like any other novel. Note that, only one sim can read a specific novel at a time. If your sim takes it off the bookshelf, then no other sim can read it. The book must be placed back into a bookshelf for another sim to read it.
  • Discuss Novel. The benefit for gaining level 3 in Film & Literature. Only one sim needs this benefit to initiate this interaction. When performing interaction, sim approaches selected sim and they discuss the chosen book or novel. After that, other sims can join the discussion. This interaction is similar to the hang out interaction. All sims that participate gain Film & Literature enthusiasm.


All exercise objects (including workout benches, the treadmill and the dance sphere) improve Fitness enthusiasm with the exception of the ballet barre. As well, the original exercise machine can be tinkered with. However, the ones included in University can't be.

Basic Barre by Deuxjoint Ltd.
Need EffectsFun 1
HobbiesMusic & Dance
Community SortMiscellaneous

This bar initially contains a one interaction.

  • Warm Up: Sim gets into athletic outfit and does simple excercises on the barre. Benefits include Body skill, Music & Dance enthusiasm, fun and hidden dancing skill. Warming up decreases hygiene and energy.

The following interaction must be unlocked.

  • Ballet Exercises: Unlock conditions are high dancing skill and the ballet barre career reward. This interaction lets sims dance gracefully on the barre and show off their skill. For sims that reach level 10 in Music & Dance, there's another benefit. Your sim will be so much in the zone that they (and you) will hear ballet music and an audience cheering.
Exerto Super Exercise Bike
Need EffectsFun 1, Environment 2
Need MaximumFun 90
Room(s)Study, Outside
Community SortMiscellaneous

Interactions include:

  • Work Out: Sim gets on the bike and pedals. Improves fitness and increases body temperature for players that have Seasons installed. Players that own University will notice that the exercise bike doesn't spawn the Be Personal Trainer interaction.


Several recreation objects improve varying hobbies. The hobbies of objects included in previous expansion packs are as follows.

  • Darts: Games
  • Axe Throwing: Sports
  • Chess: Games
  • Cards: Games
  • Mahjong: Games
  • Myshuno: Games
  • Pool: Games
  • Log Rolling: Sports
  • Bowling: Games
  • Roller Skating: Sports
  • Ice Skating: Sports

Massage tables, saunas and hot springs do not improve hobbies of any sort.

Don't Wake the Llama
Room(s)Study, Living
Community SortMiscellaneous

Like the Mahjong and Card table, chairs must be placed around this object to be interacted with. When chairs are placed on an adjacent tile, they automatically face the table. Picking up the table picks up any chairs facing it allowing you to move up to five objects at once. Interactions include:

  • Play: Children and older can play this game. Sim waits for other sims to join. If no one does then sim will play alone. Once another sim takes a seat, the game begins. This game, unlike chess, doesn't rely on any skill. The winner is completely random. What happens is that the game takes ten turns in which players stack sticks on top of the Llama. After ten turns, the game will continue but will only last up to three extra turns. During those turns, at one sim will lose, ending the game. Sims can be asked to join the game by clicking on a sim and selecting Ask to Join.
The Goal of Paul
Need EffectsFun 10
Need MaximumFun 90
Community SortOutdoors

The soccer goal can be placed anywhere with enough room. Note that even if you use two goals, sims won't be able to play a full game of soccer. However they can do these interactions:

  • Play Soccer: Sim kicks ball towards the goal, giving fun, body and Sports enthusiasm. Sims also lose hygiene, energy and get a rise in body temperature.
  • Play With: Two sims play with one sim acting as goalie and the other as shooter. The shooter attempts to score a goal with the outcomes being based on body skill. Low body skill sims may slip and lose their footing while high body skill sims may block an unblockable shot. Sims with sports level 10 will also hear crowd noises as though they were at a real soccer match. Like other interactions, sims get fun, social, body and sports but lose hygiene, energy and rise in body temperature.
  • Play Shootout with: Sims take turns trying to shoot and block goals for three turns each. The winner is the one that scores the most goals. Like above, sims at level 10 sports will hear crowd noises and all sims will get the same need effects as the above interaction.
Side Pocket Pool Table
Need EffectsFun 10
Community SortMiscellaneous

This pool table is just like the one included with University. For players that don't own that expansion pack, interactions are.

  • Play: A sim plays the game by him or herself gaining fun while doing so. When ever a sim plays an interaction, they earn an invisible skill. This is known as the pool skill. Gathering this skill makes sims better at playing against other sims and performing trick shots.
  • Join: Sim joins another sim playing and becomes part of the game. Sims can also be asked to join.
  • Perform Trick Shot: Choose from xylophone or cup shot. Sim attempts to perform a shot. If other sims are watching, this affects the relationship. A successful shot increases and an unsuccessful shot decreases relationship.
  • Hustle: Sim bets an amount of money to play for. If sim wins the game of pool, then he or she gets the money they bet. If they lose, they also lose their money. The winner will be the sim with the higher pool skill. Note that sims can't hustle after a game has been started. It must be done before the game.
  • Watch: Sim watches game or trick shot reacting depending on skill and relationship.
H-O-R-S-E of course Basket Ball Hoop
Need EffectsFun 10
Community SortMiscellaneous, Outdoors

The basketball hoop allows sims to have a shot. You can also create a full basketball court by purchasing two hoops and placing them over the "Half Court Press" object. However, even if you have a basketball court, sims won't be able to play a full basketball game. However, they can do these interactions:

  • Shoot Hoops: Sim takes as many shots as they can at the hoop. Whether it goes in or misses depends on body skill. While shooting hoops, sim gains fun, fitness points and Sports enthusiasm. They do, however lose energy and hygiene.
  • Join: Sim joins playing hoops and takes turns with the other sim. Note that they don't play against each other, they just get fun shooting hoops. Has the same effects as the above interactions.
  • Watch: Sim watches other sims taking their shots at the basketball hoop.


The crafting stations included with Open for Business now affect hobbies listed below.

  • Flower Arranging Bench: Arts & Crafts
  • Toy Making Bench: Arts & Crafts
  • Robot Crafting Bench: Tinkering
The Formidable Formicarium
The Formidable Formicarium.
Need EffectsEnvironment 2
Room(s)Study, Living
Community SortMiscellaneous

Once placed, the ant farm gets to work. Every three hours, tunnels will show to reflect the work being performed by the ants inside. After six hours, the ant farm is complete. To reset the ant farm use the Shake interaction on the ant farm.


  • Observe Ants: Child or older can observe the ants for fun and science enthusiasm.
  • Shake: Sim shakes ant farm, reseting the interior to its original state. As well, there's a chance the ants will fall on your sim, causing the same effects as poison ivy i.e. drops is fun and comfort and stopping every-so-often to scratch.
One Man's Junk Car from Mechanically Minded
One Man's Junk Car from Mechanically Minded.
Need EffectsComfort 6, Energy 2, Fun 5

The restorable car must go through several stages before it can be used. There are two sections that must be worked on before you can paint the car; the engine and the body. When working on the engine, watch out for explosions as they cause the sim to stop working. When working on the body, you don't have to watch out for explosions but take care as this project really drains their needs. Once both parts are finished, choose a colour to paint the car. After that, it becomes a fully functional car that acts like the cars from The Sims 2: Nightlife.


  • Work on...:Choose between the body and the engine. The engine has three stages of completion but little explosions can knock your sim out of working on the car. If this happens, reperorm the interaction. The body has four stages of completion but your sim will work non-stop if their needs stay high enough.
  • Rev Engine: Sim gets in the car and tests the engine out. The effects correspond to the three stages of completion. Smoke means the engine is still in its first stage and no smoke indicates the second stage. The third stage is indicated by the completion of the engine.
  • Paint...:Select a colour to complete the car. If you don't like the colour you can actually re-decorate the car anytime you wish. After the car is painted, it spawns all the interactions as the cars introduced in The Sims 2: Nightlife. You can also sell the car, if you own Open for Business, on a business lot.
Upright Pottery Wheel by QuicKraft
Upright Pottery Wheel by QuicKraft.
Need EffectsFun 5, Comfort -5, Hygiene -2, Energy -1
Talent BadgePottery
HobbiesArts & Crafts
Community SortShopping

The pottery wheel functions just like crafting stations included with Open for Business. You click on the pottery wheel and select an object to craft. You can also craft multiple copies of the same object. The objects craftable depend on your sims pottery talent badge. As well, there is a chance that the object crafted will be ruined. Pottery objects have the View interaction and increase enthusiasm for Arts & Crafts. Interactions for this object are:

  • Make One: Choose an object to craft. Your sim starts to make it for a period of time. Completion of the object can be seen through the bar over their head. When completed, the object stays on the bench until you move it in Buy Mode.
  • Make Many: Choose an object to make multiple times. When an object is completed, it goes into the sims inventory. Sim continues to make objects until kicked out by you, needs or mood.
  • Scrap: Sim scraps materials leaving the station clean for usage.
  • Resume: Sim resumes unfinished project. Only available if the talent badge allows them to create the object.

The following table lists the objects craftable with this object.

Badge Type Name Cost to Make Cost to Sell Cost of Ruined product
None Plate Perfectly Small Plate $30 $40 $20
Bronze Vase
Tea Set
Simple Vase
Tiny Tea Set
Silver Pot
Handmade Clay Pot
Simsonian Clay Pitcher
Gold Amphora Ginormous Jug $60 $300 $150

Finally for players with Open for Business, the pottery can be sold like other craftables in a sim-owned stores. Employees can be assigend to work the station and all crafted items go straight into the owners inventory. All crafted items can be sold just like normal items.

Mechanical Stitching Machine by Antique Artifacts
Mechanical Stitching Machine by Antique Artifacts.
Need EffectsComfort -3, Hygiene -1, Energy -1, Fun 6
Talent BadgeSewing
HobbiesArts & Crafts
Community SortMiscellaneous

This object functions just like the pottery station. For its interactions see above. There are however a few differences. First, the sim must be sitting down to work the sewing machine. Second, craftables aren't left on the machine, they go straight to the sim's inventory. Thirdly, the products craftable are different.

Badge Type Name Cost to Make Cost to Sell Cost of Ruined product
None Pot Holder Basic Potholder $40 $50 $44
Bronze Teddy Bear
Wide Curtains
Little Bear Boo
Shiny Sewn Curtains
Shiny Sewn Curtains
Silver Quilt Quality Quilt $450 $900 $600

The next difference is some of the products crafted. These objects are not included in the table above because they function differently. The first object is your own clothes, available at silver talent badge. Basically, select Make One...Clothing then select the type of clothing to make. You are then given an interface similar to the purchase clothing one. You can then create any of the outfits that you are shown. As well each outfit costs $120 to make and clothes cannot be created ruined. Once created, the clothes are added to your sims inventory. Once there, they can be sold for $400 or added to the wardrobe where you can wear them like any other outfir. As well, there are four unique outfits that you can make that can't be bought.

The gold talent badge product is customised clothing. This is basically clothes that you design the patterns for. First select to create the object like other craftables. You have to choose the age and gender of the product first. Then you are presented with an interface. Each outfit has three areas to select the patterns for. You'll know which area is which by looking at the colour that the number for the clothes area is and matching it up with the region on the dummy. Customised clothing functions just like other created clothes.

Round and Round Model Train Set
Need EffectsFun 10, Environment 2
Community SortMiscellaneous

The train table can be played with by children and older. It is fully customisable and allows you to deal with interesting combinations of elements. Interactions include:

  • Add...: The train set starts out as a flat landscape. You can choose from five different elements to add to the train table. These are:
    • Mountain
    • Signs
    • Towns
    • Trees
    • Water

Three of these elements have four stages: None, Small, Medium and Large. You don't have to get each element to large if you don't want to. But if you want to reach a specific stage, you'll have to watch your sims. Sims will continue adding the element until the element has reached the Large stage. The mountain and lake only have two stages; either they're there or they're not. There is no in between.

  • Ask to Help Add/Help Add: More than one sim can join adding an element to the train set. Only one element can be added at a time.
  • Remove: If an element seems too large or you don't like it any more, you can remove it from the train set.
  • Operate: Sim starts the train table and watches as it runs across the table.
  • Watch: Sim watches train as it runs across the table.

For sims that have reached tinkering level 10, they'll actually hear train sounds as if they were really at a train station.