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This tutorial goes over the big changes in The Sims 2. Firstly follow the instructions as a recap then when you're up to step six,

TS2 WantsFears.jpg

PC Mouse Left Click.png on the aspiration icon. Every sim has four wants and three fears. Achieving these goals is what The Sims 2 is all about.

TS2 WantFearInfo.jpg

For hints on how to achieve a goal, simply PC Mouse Left Click.png on the icon. Wants are consistently updated all the time.

TS2 WantLock.jpg

If you see a want you like, you can PC Mouse Right Click.png its icon to lock. This will ensure that it will never refresh until you unlock it. Wants are determined by aspiration. To the left of that panel is the aspiration meter. You can hover over it to see your sims aspiration level. How full it is corresponds to how well your sim is enjoying life. Fulfiling wants fills it and encountering fears empties it.

TS2 AspirationRewards.jpg

Aspiration points can be used to buy aspiration rewards. To see what available ones there are. PC Mouse Left Click.png on the rewards icon. There are two types of rewards. Career rewards and aspiration rewards. Career rewards are unlocked by achieving a high career level.

TS2 FamilyTree.jpg

Every sim has a family and you can access their family tree. To do so, PC Mouse Left Click.png on the family tree icon. It's to the bottom right of the relationships panel. What's shown is that sim's direct blood relatives. You can also PC Mouse Left Click.png on the thumbnails of over sims to see their family tree. Complete the rest of the tutorial and let's move to tutorial five.