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There are many new social interactions in The Sims 2: University, including Pranks, Instruments, and Pillow fights. University adds several categories of interactions, including "Influence To..." and "Hang Out". Sims can comprise Study Groups, providing social interaction while boosting grades. A common interaction between University Sims is "Kicky Bag", a hacky sack knock-off in which multiple Sims try to keep aloft a small bag filled with beans by kicking it to each other. Young adults can also streak on the University area.

Play Interactions[edit]

Pillow Fight[edit]

If daily is 10 or more, this will be accepted and the two Sims will start pillow fighting. Relationship gains will not happen until the interaction is ended, and is based on how long it lasted.


  • Accepted:
    • Both Sims gain daily and lifetime equal to the number of battles in the pillow fight
  • Rejected:
    • Sim A's daily decreases by 5
    • Sim A's lifetime decreases by 1
    • Sim B's daily decreases by 5
    • Sim B's lifetime decreases by 2

Object-Based Interactions[edit]

Buy Coffee For[edit]

This is used from the Espresso machine when it is staffed by a barista. Acceptance rules are:

Mood Outgoing Daily
>-35 >6 >-10
>-35 <=6 >10


  • Accepted
    • Both Sims' daily rises by 5
    • Both Sims' lifetime rises by 1
  • Rejected
    • Both Sims' daily falls by 4
    • Both Sims' lifetime falls by 1