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University introduces Zombies, a new type of Sim. Zombies have several advantages and disadvantages.

  • Zombies have a special bluish skintone and a distorted facial structure.
  • Zombies can't run, skip or walk. Instead, they "shamble".
  • Zombies can Woo Hoo, but cannot try for baby.
  • Zombies don't age, unless a Teen zombie goes to college or a Young Adult zombie finishes college.
  • Zombies return a bit outgoing, active, and playful, but sloppy.
  • Zombies get mad with the Sim that revived them as zombies.
  • Zombies have frequent thoughts of brains and often talk about brains to other sims.
  • Teen Sims gain a scholarship for being Zombies, the Undead Educational Scholarship.
  • Zombies return with a very low hygiene and some skills lost.
  • Zombies frequently moan.