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The Sims 2 has many different ways for sims to interact with each other. It also has several relationships that sims can establish between each other. This page looks at them.

Non-Romantic Relationships[edit]

The following are friendly relationships that sims can establish between each other.

Just Met[edit]

Applied to sims if they haven't established a stable daily relationship. This relationship type has no icon and is only shown in the relationships panel. Just click on any sim's thumbnail to see whether that is the right relationship.


This relationship occurs between Just Met and Friend. It has no icon and can only be indicated in the relationships panel. This relationship will stay until your sims make friends. Because this is not reciprocal and friendship is, there is no limit as to how high this relationship must be before it advances.


This relationship occurs after both sims' daily reach 50 or above. These sims will generally accept invitations to come over. If one of the sim's daily falls under 50, this relationship is lost. The icon for friendship is a blue smiley face.

Best Friend[edit]

This relationship is reached when both sims' lifetime reach over 50. Achieving best friend causes a memory. Achieving this relationship with several sims can cause memories as well. Memories can be earned by achieving best friendship with 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 sims. The icon for best friendship is two green smiley faces.


Enemy is a negative relationship. It occurs after one sim's daily fall behind -50. It causes a memory. Being enemies can cause your sim to act sour to whoever the other sim is. It also unlocks some interactions such as Fight…Attack. The icon for enemies is a red frowning face.

Moving In and Out[edit]

Friends can move in and out of sims' places. To move a sim in, click on that sim and select Propose…Move In. If the sim selects you will be given the opportunity to move other members of that household in. Moving a sim in also affects your money. If all the household members move in, you get all their money. If less than all move in, then you get ten percent of their money. The other household will be unaffected. Townies work differently because they don't belong to a household or families. The money they bring in is purely random.

Any sim teenaged or above can opt to move out. To move out, click on the computer or newspaper and select Find Own Place. The select any other sims to move out with that sim. After a few minutes, a taxi will come to transport the sims away. The other sims then wave them goodbye.

Romantic Relationships[edit]

Romantic relationships differ because they can inspire jealously. Some of these relationships are created by special events. Others must be activated by romantic socials. Romantic socials include.

  • Flirt interactions
  • Hug interactions
  • Kiss interactions


A crush is activated by two things.

  1. Sims daily relationship over 70.
  2. A romantic social.

Sims with crushes start to get possessive over their sim in that they get jealous if they see him or her being intimate with another sim. The icon for a crush is a pink love heart. Crushes are not reciprocal.


Love is like crushes except for these differences.

  1. It's activated by having lifetime over 70.
  2. Its icon is a red love heart.
  3. It causes a memory.

Romance sims love collecting this relationship like Popularity sims love collecting friends. Love, like crushes, is not reciprocal. This relationship only fails if lifetime falls under 70 and it is caused directly be another sim.

Go Steady[edit]

This relationship is unique to teenagers and shows a level of commitment between them. Unlike the others relationships which are initiated by daily or lifetime reaching a certain level, this relationship must be proposed. Also, it can only be destroyed by the Break Up interaction. Romance teens fear this relationship. It is only available if one of the teens has a crush. The icon is two pink love hearts and causes a memory.


Engagement goes one step further in romance. It is initiated by the Propose…Engagement interaction. After selecting it, a movie of the sim proposing will play with romantic music in the background. If either accepted or rejected, the outcome will cause a memory. Romance sims consider this a negative memory as they fear commitment. This interaction can be undone with the Break Up interaction. The icon for engagement is a ring.


Marriage is the ultimate in commitment. It can be celebrated just like birthdays with a special party. Marriage can be initiated on the sim or on the wedding arch. If initiated on the wedding arch, a special movie of the two sims getting married will play. If this interaction is rejected, then engagement is also broken up. Both sims get a memory of the outcome as well as each of the sims' family members. If a wedding party was held then the two sims can go on a special honeymoon. This is purely visual but it does increase the sims needs and mood. The icon for marriage is two interlocked rings. This relationship can only be destroyed by breaking up. Unlike the previous interactions, breaking up also kicks the divorced sim out of the house.


Sims can get pretty possessive where romance is concerned. If a sim does romantic socials with two sims, then he or she will get a Had an Affair memory. The icon is a knife through the marriage icon. Having an affair is harmless if the cheating sim isn't caught.

If the cheating sim is caught, then there will be several consequences.

  • Got Caught Cheating memory. This memory is negative. The icon is similar to the affair icon except for the knife is broken.
  • Caught (Sim) Cheating memory. The other sim gets a memory. In this icon, the knife isn't broken.
  • Daily and Lifetime reductions. This can break several relationships. Note that this is different if Nightlife is different.
  • The victim sim will rush in and slap each of the other sims.

If the sim isn't seen cheating then the effect will be the same as having an affair. The only exception is the WooHoo interaction. If each of the three sims are on the lot, and this interaction happens then the victim will always know unless he or she is sleeping.


Family is unlike the other relationships in that it can't be made or broken. Family can only be created through birth or adoption.


If your sim can't get a parter and wants a child then they have the option to adopt. Adoption can be initiated through the phone on the services menu. Adoption is always accepted if your sims have more than $3000 and children have never been taken by the social worker. If you decide to adopt then the social worker will come the next day. On that day, select what you want the sim to be; baby, toddler or child. When the sim is adopted, he or she takes the family name and is automatically connected on the family tree. If a sim was taken by the social worker in another family then that could be the sim.


Pregnancy can be initiated by two things.

  • Try for Baby (Female gets pregnant). Try for Baby can be initiated by two sims of opposite gender in a bed, hot tub or clothes booth. It looks identical to WooHoo. If the pregnancy is successful, then there will be a short lullaby tune in the background.
  • Alien abduction (Male gets pregnant). If a sim looks through the expensive telescope, then there's a chance that he or she will be abducted. If it was a male then he will be returned pregnant.

Regardless of which gender gets pregnant, the effects of pregnancy are the same.

On the first day of pregnancy, there are no signs of the baby, however the pregnant sim will vomit regularly and hunger, bladder and energy will decrease at a faster rate.

On the second day, the sim will start showing. It will be harder to interact with other sims though and the sim's needs will decrease at an even faster rate. On that day, the sim cannot go to work or a community lot.

On the third day, the sim will be more limited in his or her interactions. They will walk slower and their needs decay faster. Some socials will not be available as well as some objects. Other sims can talk to the unborn baby through the sim's belly.

After three days, the sim will give birth. A special movie will play of the birth. Its basically the same but if you look at the green diamonds above the sim, you'll notice, they behave differently depending on the gender. There is a chance that your sim will give birth to twins. If the pregnant sim was male then the baby will have green skin. After the baby is born then he or she starts aging as normal.