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Below is a list of cheats that can only be performed if Nightlife or a later expansion pack is installed. The Sims 2 cheats can also be used.

Change the pitch of the roof
  • familyfunds -insertfamilyname- -insertnumber- Done in neighbourhood view. Gives the family the exact amount of simoleons typed in the cheat. If you type a number less than what they have, then that family will have less when you click on it.
  • roofslopeangle -insertnumberbetween15and75- adjusts the roof angle of every roof on the lot.
  • showHeadlines -insertonoroff- Makes symbols above sim's head (e.g. thought bubbles, relationship change indicators, memory indicators etc) disappear.
  • unlockCareerRewards- Unlocks every career reward for selected sim
  • maxMotives- Sets all need bars to full for every sim on the lot
  • motiveDecay -insertonoroff- Turning off means that needs will never decay
  • aspirationPoints -insertnumber- Adds specified number of points to aspiration rewards panel.
  • lockAspiration -insertonoroff- Prevents aspiration from going down for every sim on the lot.
  • aspiration Level -insertnumberbetween0and5- Changes aspiration score to specified level. Zero is bottom red level and five is platinum level.
  • agesimscheat -insertonoroff- Adds Set Age to interaction menu. Set Age can change your sim's age.