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The Sims 2 Nightlife comes with several new features that can seem very confusing to newcomers. this article serves to clear up the main features that this game introduces.


The Downtown neighbourhood

When you first open up a neighbourhood, you will be given the option to create a new downtown area. The Maxis-built area comes with lots that help utilise the new features of this expansion pack. Alternatively, you may wan't to create a downtown of your own, however this one comes with no new lots. When you create your first Downtown, you'll be presented with this information.

TS2N Downtown Info.jpg

Downtown lots[edit]

A restaurant is one of the new types of lots you can create

There are three main new lots that you can build downtown.

  • Restaurants: These allow you to have fully satisfying meals when out on the town.
  • Nightclubs: Sims can dance until they drop at any of the new nightclubs.
  • Bowling Alleys: Sims can now enjoy the pastime of tenpin bowling.

Building a restaurant requires at least four objects. A host podium, a commercial stove, a chair and a table.

Bowling alleys simply require one bowling alley object.

There are no rules as to what goes in a nightclub. Experiment with the new lights and the DJ booth to see what goes best for you.

Attraction and Chemistry[edit]

Sims now are attracted to other sims

These new mechanics allow rommance sims to be more successful in their pursuits. Sims now have a new Turn On and Off panel which allows them to select features of other sims that they like and hate. Because the game randomly selects them for previoulsy created sims, they will now have a potion in their inventory. Drinking this allows them to select their own Turn Ons and Offs. You can check the chemistry score by looking in the relationship panel. The number of lightning bolts at a sims portrait indicates the chemistry level.


The date meter

Combined with Attraction and Chemistry, dates are a great new way to start a relationship with a Sim. During a date, the date meter will appear in the top right-hand panel. You can see how well the date is going by looking at how full (or empty) it is.


Use this menu to create your own groups

Groups allow you to get together several sims to a lot at a time without having to call them individually. Groups are created and summoned with the phone. When bringing a group over, you have to select whether you want to bring them there for an outing or just for fun. Outings are scored and can provide rewards.


Your new inventory panel

The inventory is a fully interactive panel that stores objects that your sims carry. It contains electronics that sims bought from the gadget kiosk. It is most useful when moving houses as it lets you take aspiration and career rewards with you.


Sims can drive cars

Cars now make sims independent of taxis and carpools. To buy a car you must first buy a driveway. Cars can only be placed on driveways. You can also add a garage to your driveway. To do this simply buy an extension piece, add a garage door and enclose the area with walls.


This sim is being transformed

The newest supernatural form of sim, they only come out at night and are initially exclusive to Downtown. If your sim gets bitten buy a vampire, they can now live the vampiric life. During the day, needs will plummet so invest in a coffin to protect your sim. At night needs freeze so you can party all night long. If you tire of the vampiric life, just call the Gypsy Matchmaker and buy a potion from her.

New Objects[edit]

Objects that you can get in The Sims 2: Nightlife include the following and more!