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TS2 BuildModeIcon.jpg

In this tutorial, you'll aquire the basics of building a sim's house so that they'll have somewhere to live. To start, PC Mouse Left Click.png on the build mode icon or press F3 to enter build mode.

TS2 Walls.jpg

To start the house, PC Mouse Left Click.png on the walls icon. Then either select the room icon or press Shift. Drag your cursor over the desired space to immediately create a room. Next you'll need to add a door.

TS2 DoorsWindows.jpg

PC Mouse Left Click.png on the doors icon. Choose a door you like and place it on one of the wall segments. Doors can only be placed on walls. To add some windows, PC Mouse Left Click.png on single story windows then choose a window and add it just like you would add a door.

TS2 Floors.jpg

Now to decorate the area. PC Mouse Left Click.png on the flooring icon. There are several types of flooring but note that they all function the same. Simply drag the floor across an area or press Shift to cover the whole room.

TS2 Wallpapers.jpg

Go back and select the wall covering icon. All wall coverings function the same but are split up for convienience. Choose a wall covering for indoors and a wall covering for outdoors. To apply, hover over a wall space and PC Mouse Left Click.png to cover the single space or press Shift to fill the whole room.

TS2 Roofs.jpg

Next you need a roof. PC Mouse Left Click.png on the roof icon then press Page Up. The easiest way to add a roof is to go through auto roofs. PC Mouse Left Click.png on the hipped auto roof and you're done.