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Like Sims, pets have needs. Their needs are very simular, except that Pets do not have an 'Environment' need bar. If a pet's needs drop too low, it will be taken away by someone from the pet adoption service or may run away. Pets will automatically fill their needs if they are low, providing there is a way for them to do so.


Whatever the age, all cats and dogs need feeding. Buy a bowl or two, choose a sim and select 'Fill Bowl'. When a pet is hungry, they will go and eat, but if they have learnt that they should eat pet food you can also use the action 'call to eat...' to call one of your pets to eat from the bowl. If the bowl gets dirty, be sure to clean it. Pets may also eat sim food if it has ben discarded. If a pet's hunger need gets too low, they will be taken away by the pet adoption service. But, for some simelonions, you can adopt them back.

For animals in cages, such as Womrats and Birds, click on their cage and select 'fill name's food dish with food'. To feed fish, click on the tank and select 'feed fish'. Without food, these animals will die.


For comfort, there's nothing better that a cosy pet bed! If this isn't available, pets will try anything to be comfortable; they'll climb on the sofas or even lie on the floor. But that's just cruel, so make sure you have a bed bed on hand for when they need to relax.


All pets need to relieve themselves now and then. For cats, simply putting a litter tray can usually do the trick, but dogs will do their buisness anywhere. Praise them for doing it outside if you don't want pudles all over the your clean carpets! Cats can also be taught to use the toilet.


Your pet is sleepy and they've had a long day of playing; they need a pet bed! If one isn't available, they'll sleep on the floor, or if they're a naughty dog or cat, they may resort to sleeping on the sim beds or on the furniture. Scold them for doing this and buy them a pet bed so they won't use yours instead!


What pet wants to be bored all day long? By getting a chew bone or a catnip mouse toy, your pets can enjoy themselves. Especially active pets, so buy a few toys for them or they'll drive you mad!


For your lonely pets, a bit of love or games can usually sort things out. Or if your sim is busy a lot, get them a pet companion to keep them occupied. If you ignore them too often, they may decide to run away in search of a more loving owner.


If you have a dirty cat, no problem, they'll just sit and lick themselves. But a dirty dog can be a real problem. What you need is a bathtub. Just a normal sim bathtub. Click on the tub and select 'Wash...' (or 'Wash name' if you only have one dog) and select your dog to wash, and then your sim will call them. You may have to go and fetch them if they're not in the mood for a bath, but otherwise they'll come running and hop into the bath. Then your sim will wash them, but watch out or they'll escape from the tub!


You came home from work to find that you brand new, expensive sofa is now just a pile of rubble. Yes, your cat or dog has been chewing or scratching it, but to prevent this you can but a chew toy or a scratching post. Put them somewhere your pet can reach, and praise them for using them and not your sofa! When his behavior is learnt, hopefully you and your furniture can feel safe. So remeber; buy a bone or scratch post or you'll need to buy a new sofa!