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Just like sims, cats and dogs can have jobs. Have their owner look in the newspaper by selecting "Find pet job for..." and choose one of three career paths;

  • Showbiz
  • Security
  • Service

Their job will then begin the next day.

Taking the day off[edit]

If your pet's mood is too low they may decide not to go to work that day (or night). Then their boss will phone and give you a warning, and if your pet is away again the next day they will be fired.

You can call the boss at any time to have your pet quit it's job. They can also retire if they are an elderly pet. If your pet has done an extroardinary job at work, you may also be able to call your pet in sick.

Career Paths[edit]

Much like sim jobs, pet jobs have career paths. They can get promoted by learning a required command, and by having a good enough mood when they set out. When a pet gets promoted, you will also unlock a new fur colour, marking or collar for a cat or dog. When a pet retires because of old age, they will receive a daily pension.


Job Pay (Dog) Pay (Cat) Days off Hours Trick Required for Promotion
Extra $125 $144 Monday, Friday 9am-4pm Speak
Understudy $220 $253 Tuesday, Friday 10am-4pm Roll Over
Stunt Double $388 $446 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8am-1pm Play Dead
Star $737 $847 Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 12pm-4pm None


Job Pay (Dog) Pay (Cat) Days off Hours Trick Required for Promotion
Snooper Department $113 $130 Sunday, Saturday 7pm-2am Stay
Guard Pet $200 $230 Sunday, Saturday 5pm-12am Speak
Contraband Sniffer $353 $406 Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 12pm-6pm Play Dead
Pet Corps $670 $770 Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8am-1pm None


Job Pay (Dog) Pay (Cat) Days off Hours Trick Required for Promotion
Vermin Chaser $107 $123 Sunday, Tuesday 6pm-1am Shake
Therapy Pet $190 $218 Sunday, Saturday 8am-3pm Come
Seeing-Eye Pet $335 $385 Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8am-2pm Roll Over
Rescue Pet $636 $731 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8pm-1am None