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Young Adults are the main age group addition to The Sims 2: University.

An age group between Teenager and Adult, this is only available to teenager sims that go to college. If they don't go to college they will go straight to Adulthood. They act much like Adults, but can't "try for a baby". Young adults only appear when you are at the university or when one of your neighborhood sims invites one over.

There are 3 ways to change an young adult to adult:

  • Go through all 4 years of college.
  • Drop out of college and return to the neighborhood.
  • Set your Sim's purpose to "Move in" with an NPC young adult, who will then drop out of college and move in with your Sim.

The longer you spend in college, the more wants your young adult can have, up to 6 instead of the usual 4.