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There are several objects in The Sims 2: FreeTime that can't be bought in Buy Mode. These include career rewards, new foods and new craftable objects.

Community Lot Only[edit]

Exquisite Food Judging Table[edit]

Exquisite Food Judging Table
Price §810
Need Effects Environment 2
Hobbies Cuisine
Category Surfaces
Sort Food

The food judging table is where you go for food contests. This is how cuisine Sims know if they've made it or not. So how do food contests work? Well there are several stages to it.

  1. Cook the Food. Any food that is in your Sim's inventory can be used for the food competition. To make it easier to prepare food a new Make Food for Contest interaction is available on fridges and stoves.
  2. Submit Food. Click on the food table and select Submit Food. When your Sim reaches the table, you'll be presented with a menu of all available food. Choose which one you want and that piece of food will be judged on the contest. Note that only group servings can be used.
  3. Wait for contestants. This doesn't use any interactions. You simply wait until three other Sims join the contest. While waiting, Sims socialize amongst each other and build relationship points. The dishes the competitors produce depend on their cooking skill points.
  4. Start Contest. The food judge then takes a sample of each contestant's dishes. She or he will then judge the food. It may seem random but each food has a number of points. These points correspond to the amount of hunger satisfied. So basically, if you've prepared a high-level dish with expensive counters and appliances, you'll have a good chance to win.
  5. Outcome. One Sim wins the food contest. The winner gets a ribbon, $500 and a memory if they've never won before.

Neukum Systems Cor3Nerd Indie Wave Wall Speaker[edit]

Neukum Systems Cor3Nerd Indie Wave Wall Speaker
Price §400
Need Effects Fun 2
Category Electronics
Sort Miscellaneous, Outdoor, Shopping, Food

The speaker only plays one style of music.

Endeavour Office Freestanding Game Rack[edit]

Endeavour Office Freestanding Game Rack
Price §4,000
Need Effects Fun 4, Environment 6
Category Mischellaneous
Sort Shopping

This game rack displays new games, but it functions just like the older racks. Note that all three game racks sell the same selection of games.

Career Rewards[edit]

There are five new career rewards available for Sims to earn.

Audio Augmenter by Little Mole Inc.[edit]

Audio Augmenter by Little Mole Inc.
Career Intelligence (Level 5)
Need Effects Fun, Social

This object can be used to spy on the neighbours. There are a variety of outcomes available to Sims that use this object. The following is a sample of them.

  • Sim picks up tips on the stock market and earns an amount of money.
  • Sim hears neighbours arguing and loses fun.
  • Sim hears gossip and gains social.
  • Neighbour notices Sim and comes over.
  • Sim sees ghost.

Better Barre by Deuxjoint Ltd.[edit]

Better Barre by Deuxjoint Ltd.
Career Dance (Level 6)
Need Effects Fun
Skill Body
Hobbies Music, Dance

This may seem like a normal ballet barre, but it has some hidden effects. Firstly, two Sims can use the barre at once. Secondly, this object doesn't need to be placed on a wall. There's also an unlockable interaction on it:

  • Ballet Exercises: When a Sim has acquired enough hidden dancing skill, they can unlock this interaction that allows them to dance more gracefully. This interaction then becomes available on all standard ballet barres.

Carefree Koi Pond by Simulated Life[edit]

Carefree Koi Pond by Simulated Life
Career Oceanography (Level 6)
Need Effects Fun
Skill Body
Hobbies Nature


  • View: Children and older Sims can view the koi pond for comfort and fun. Cats can also view the pond. Note that they won't eat the fish. They'll just look at them.
  • Feed: Children and older Sims can feed the fish. This is in fact unnecessary for the fish's survival. In fact, the fish can't die. As well if Seasons is installed, the koi pond won't freeze in winter.

SIM series Drafting Table by QuicKraft[edit]

SIM series Drafting Table by QuicKraft
SIM series Drafting Table by QuicKraft
Career Architecture (Level 6)
Need Effects Fun
Skill Creativity
Hobbies Arts & Crafts

Unlike the easel, all interactions on this drafting table come unlocked. These are the interactions on the drafting table:

  • Draft Blueprint: Sim draws a technical drawing. There are six different drawings they can use:
    1. A UFO
    2. An exercise machine
    3. The coconut pinball machine
    4. The weather machine
    5. The grand piano
    6. A car
Drafted blueprints go into the drafters inventory. Like paintings, they can be framed and sold.
  • Draft Scene: Sim draws a picture of whatever scene you choose. This is just like the easel interaction except that a filter is applied to the scene you choose. When you select this interaction, position the frame and press c.
  • Draft Custom: You are presented with a menu of custom paintings. Just like the easel interaction except a filter is used on the final product to remove the colour. To add more custom images simply go into your paintings folder (available by going through My Documents>EA Games>The Sims 2>Paintings).
  • Scrap: Sim discontinues drafting.
  • Resume: If drafting was canceled, this interaction resumes it.

"Starstruck" Personal Fame Stars[edit]

"Starstruck" Personal Fame Stars
Career Entertainment (Level 5)
Need Effects Social

No interactions on this object. However it does passively improve your social need without you having to do anything.

Crafted Items[edit]

There are several crafted items. These comes from various arts & crafts items.

Perfectly Small Plate[edit]

Perfectly Small Plate
Perfectly Small Plate
Cost $30
Revenue $40
Salvage $20
Badge Pottery None
End up with Salvador's Sagging Saucer.

This piece of pottery must be placed on the wall.

Simple Vase[edit]

Simple Vase
Small Vase
Cost $35
Revenue $55
Salvage $27
Badge Pottery Bronze
Make sure it's not Domingo's Drooping Vase.

Tiny Tea Set[edit]

Tiny Tea Set
Tiny Tea Set
Cost $42
Revenue $70
Salvage $35
Badge Pottery Bronze
Felipe's Falling Tea Set

Handmade Clay Pot[edit]

Handmade Clay Pot
Handmade Clay Pot
Cost $40
Revenue $100
Salvage $50
Badge Pottery Silver
You might end up with Jacinto's Jaded Jar.

Simsonian Clay Pitcher[edit]

Simsonian Clay Pitcher
Simsonian Clay Pitcher
Cost $48
Revenue $120
Salvage $60
Badge Pottery Silver
Dali's Dashed Decanter

Ginormous Jug[edit]

Ginormous Jug
Ginormous Jug
Cost $60
Revenue $300
Salvage $150
Badge Pottery Gold
Domenech's Jug

Basic Potholder[edit]

Basic Potholder
Basic Potholder
Cost $40
Revenue $50
Salvage $44
Badge Sewing None
This is kind of a pot holder.

Little Bear Boo[edit]

Little Bear Boo
Little Bear Boo
Cost $56
Revenue $80
Salvage $66
Badge Sewing Bronze
A badly drawn bear

Has the same interactions as other bears.

Shiny Sewn Curtains[edit]

Shiny Sewn Curtains
Shiny Sewn Curtains
Cost $180
Revenue $300
Salvage $225
Badge Sewing Bronze
Other info For wide curtains:
  • Cost: $225
  • Revenue: $375
  • Salvage: $280

Quality Quilt[edit]

Quality Quilt
Quality Quilt
Cost $450
Revenue $900
Salvage $600
Badge Sewing Silver
Not quite a quilt.

Customized Clothing[edit]

Customized Clothing
Customized Clothing
Cost $120 / $75
Revenue $400 / $750
Badge Sewing Silver / Gold

Each piece of clothing has the same interactions:

  • Add to Wardrobe: Adds the outfit to the households wardrobe where it can be worn.
  • Sell: Sells the outfit for $400 or $750 depending on the origin of the clothing. Gold level clothes sell for more than normal clothes.

Other Craftables[edit]

There are other craftables that aren't based on talent badges. These are:

  • Grilled Cheese Paintings: Paintings of grilled cheese sandwiches created on the easel.
  • Drafted Blueprints: Blueprints made on the drafting table.
  • Activity Table Drawings: Drawings created on the activity table.
  • Customised Car: Unlike other craftables only one car can be created at this station. It functions just like other cars.


Food Contest Ribbon[edit]

  • Value: $175

The ribbon is awarded for winning the food contest.

Hobby Magazines[edit]

  • Value: $15

There are ten different hobby magazines that can be earned. These are earned by subscribing. These hobby magazines can also be found on the Sims 2 website through these links.

  • Arts & Crafts: [1]
  • Cuisine: [2]
  • Film & Literature: [3]
  • Fitness: [4]
  • Games: [5]
  • Music & Dance: [6]
  • Nature: [7]
  • Science: [8]
  • Tinkering: [9]

Hobby Plaque[edit]

  • Value: $120

After reaching level 10 in a hobby, you will be visited by the hobby leader of the specific hobby. He or she will give you a plaque displaying the icon of the hobby. The plaque is hanged on the wall and boosts environment.

Dusty Old Lamp[edit]

The dusty old lamp is a special object. It can only be unlocked through certain steps. Every day there's a 2% chance that the gypsy will drop one off. This chance can be increased through these ways.

  • High lifetime aspiration score: 2% for every sim with this.
  • Hobby enthusiasm above 8: 1% for each sim and hobby.

Thus a sim with each hobby above level 8 will have a 12% chance of getting the lamp. Second, only one lamp can be delivered for a time. The gypsy matchmaker won't come until after 14 days after an initial delivery. Interactions on the lamp are:

  • Sell lamp: Sells lamp for $1000. Only available if lamp hasn't been rubbed. Note that the lamp can't be deleted.
  • Rub Lamp: Teens and older can rub the lamp to summon a genie. Genies will give the sim three wishes.
  • Dismiss Genie: If all wishes haven't been used up, this interaction sends the genie back into the lamp.
  • Summon Genie: If the genie has been dismissed, this interaction gets the genie back.

Your Sim[edit]

There are plenty of new interactions for your sim.

  • Birdwatch: Also a ground-based interaction. Must be done on open terrain. Your sim gets out a pair of binoculars and looks at the sky above. Sim flashes thought bubbles of different birds and gains nature enthusiasm. Other sims can join this interaction.
  • Go Jogging: Unlocked interaction at level 3 fitness. First choose any other sims to join your sim in the jog. The choices range from anyone on the household at the moment including visitors and pets. The party runs of the lot and returns a few hours later with increases in body skill, fitness hobby, fitness points and body temperature if Seasons is installed.
  • Go Hiking: Unlocked interaction at level 3 nature. It starts of just like jogging in which you choice the hiking party. A few hours later, sims return with fitness points, nature enthusiasm, body skill, body temperature and another outcome. Outcomes include.
    • Meet another sim or pet on the trip. The leader of the hike then adds that sim to the relationship panel.
    • Find a bug. Bug found is random. If your sim already owns the bug, nothing will happen. If not, then the bug is added to your sims collection.
    • Find an object. Objects range from gnomes to artificial plants. Only the leader gets the object. Object can be found in sims inventory.
    • Skunk follows sim home. A short while after the hike, a skunk will appear on the lot. Only happens if Pets is installed.
    • Bees follow sim home. Sim enters the lot screaming and running from bees. Bees decrease fun and comfort.
    • Poison Ivy. Sim enters lot with poison ivy. Occasionly stopping now and then to scratch him or herself. Poison ivy depletes fun and comfort.
  • Conjure Grilled Cheese: Level 4 Grilled Cheese benefit. Sim creates a grilled cheese sandwich out of thin air. The sandwich fills hunger and counts towards the lifetime want to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches but costs both energy and comfort. If those needs are too low, this interaction will be unavailable.