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The Sims 2 Nightlife comes with new features that enable you to build more complex lots. This article reviews each of them as well as new build mode objects.

New Walling Options[edit]

1/2 Walls[edit]

Found in the walls category, 1/2 size walls allow you to divide up the space in a room without creating a new room. Most of these walls have uncovered wall coverings on them with just a decoration on the top. Others have upper halves made up of glass. They can also join at diagonal corners. Because they don't make new rooms, they don't also block light flow, nor can they support doors, arches or gates. Finally they can't support upper storey floors. These half walls are placed on the lot the same way as normal walls. As well, several of them are the same 1/2 wall with different options. The following table doesn't list each individual half-wall. It just lists the half wall type. Note that the options listed are the ones named in the game. Pictures of each type can be found in the gallery below.

Name Price Options
Perfectly Plank Half Wall $35 Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Stainless Steel, Pine
Brass 'n' Glass Half Wall $55 Sleek, Flourish, Harvest
Nocturnal Rumors Half Wall $80 Gossip, Blush, Wink, Whisper
"The Wave" Half Wall $45 (Unnamed in the game), Black, Red, White, Pine
Quaint Half-Wall $35 Brown, Cornflower, Green, Lightwood, Rose, White

New Doors and Windows[edit]


Gone Legit by The Family Furnishings[edit]

This door is a shortened version of a double door that was included with The Sims 2
  • Price: $95
  • Initial Deprecitaion: $15
  • Daily Depreciation: $10
  • Depreciation Limit: $40

OpenMe Door[edit]

Two of the doors placed on consecutive tiles
  • Price: $225
  • Initial Depreciation: $15
  • Daily Depreciation: $10
  • Depreciation Limit: $40

Easy Swing Door[edit]

You can find this door in several Downtown restaurants
  • Price: $250
  • Initial Depreciation: $15
  • Daily Depreciation: $10
  • Depreciation Limit: $40


OpenMe Window[edit]

A window that complements the OpenMe Door
  • Price: $100
  • Initial Depreciation: $13
  • Daily Depreciation: $9
  • Depreciation Limit: $36

OpenMe Window Wide[edit]

A wider version of the preceeding window
  • Price: $210
  • Initial Depreciation: $30
  • Daily Depreciation: $20
  • Depreciation Limit: $80


OpenMe Arch[edit]

Why not use an arch instead of a door
  • Price: $220
  • Initial Depreciation: $34
  • Daily Depreciation: $23
  • Depreciation Limit: $92

New Flooring Options[edit]

Previously, floor tiles could only be placed on flat surfaces. They'd also flatten tiles if they could as well. However if a tile can't be flattened, you'll find that floors can now cover them as well. There are too many new floors and walls included in the game to list here. Most of these additions will come under each of the four new collections in the game:

  • Cars
  • Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Bowling

Driveways and Garages[edit]

Your sims now have driveways
The second option for your driveway

If your sims want a car, they must first have a driveway. Driveways can only be placed in these conditions.

  • Seven tiles left of the house.
  • Ten clear tiles deep in the house.
  • Five clear tiles wide of the house.

None of these tiles can have objects on them, however they may have floor tiles on them. You can also add an extender piece to create a larger driveway for the car.

Driveways are treated like normal objects and have these value conditions.

Type Price Initial Depreciation Daily Depreciation Depreciation Limit
Brick $200 $30 $20 $80
Concrete $150 $23 $15 $60
Extension-Brick $350 $53 $35 $140
Extension-Concrete $300 $45 $30 $120
Garages are more customisable than driveways
Extender pieces can go as far as the lot will allow

Garages can also be built for your sims' cars. To build a garage simply select a garage door and between the driveway and extension piece. This is the only place garage doors can go. To finish the garage add walls around the extender piece. To make sure your sims can reach the car, make sure there's enough space to add a door to the garage walls. Garage doors have these value conditions

  • Price: $600
  • Initial Depreciation: $90
  • Daily Depreciation: $60
  • Depreciation Limit: $240
Finally, you can make your own carports

Another option for your cars is to build a carport. To do this, first construct a room where you want the driveway to be then add cover the top with floor tiles, the same way as making an upper storey. Make sure the floor tiles go one tile over the wall. Secondly, add four columns on the ground floor outside of the wall. Make sure they reach the floors. Thirdly, delete the walls and add the driveway, you now have your carport. For an example of a carport see the downtown residence 201 Custer Boulevard.


Terrain Smoother[edit]

This tool behaves just like the other terrain tools

The terrain smoother is found in the Terrain and Elevation panel in Build Mode. It smooths out rough terrain without flattening it. This allows for a more natural look if that's what you want.


Creaky Branches Designer Tree[edit]

This tree certainly makes any house look creepy
  • Price: $215
  • Initial Depreciation: $32
  • Daily Depreciation: $22
  • Depreciation Limit: $86

Roof Tools[edit]

This cheat changes the pitch of any roof to your desire

A new cheat allows you to change the angles of roofs. To do this simply bring up the cheat menu and type in 'roofslopeangle' then type in a number between 15 and 75. This number corresponds to the angle of the roof. It affects all roofs on the lot. Several examples of this cheat occur throughout Downtown


Connecting Columns[edit]

Objects can be placed under the arch of a connection column, though they can't be placed on the bases tile itself.

Hartford Connecting Arched Column[edit]

Make as many arches as you like
  • Price: $120
  • Initial Depreciation: $18
  • Daily Depreciation: $12
  • Depreciation Limit: $48


More customisation for your pool

Diagonal pools can now be built in your sims homes. This self-explanatory tool also allows these new pools to overlap straight rectangular pools. Pools can also be built on single tiles as well. Note that pool objects can't be built on diagonals so your pools still require a rectangular section. Like rectangular pools, one segment costs $75


There are four new fences in The Sims 2: Nightlife.

  • Velvet Rope Fence- $20 per segment
  • Wooden Fence- $30 per segment
  • Chic Fence- $50 per segment
  • Arboreal Wooden Fence- $30 per segment


The Sentry by WroughtCo[edit]

Another object for a haunted house
  • Price: $190
  • Initial Depreciation: $28
  • Daily Depreciation: $19
  • Depreciation Limit: $76