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Sims love their games and there's a special group of sims that love their games even more. This article is for those sims.


Toddlers don't have much for their games but children have most options open to them. A major upgrade to this game is the addition of game competitions for your sims and extra games. These games can be played on your computer or your console. Even handheld games affect enthusiasm. Your sims can play these games.

Video games aren't the only thing for gamers. Previously there was Chess, Darts, Pinball, Bowling, Poker, Pool, MYSHUNO, Mahjong. Now a brand new game, Don't Wake the Llama, joins the collection. As young adults, continue winning game competitions to earn money and choose a major that suits the Gamer career. Either Maths or Physics. Enter the Gamer career as an adult. The reward is Coconut Pinball, a pinball machine that gives you money when you play it. Other ways to earn money are Hustling during pool, winning cards and winning at Mahjong. But you can also use the counterfeit machine that comes with an expansion pack. Be careful because it will eventually catch on fire, so use it in moderation.

Games of Glory[edit]

Games of Glory has several games for your sims. Enter it to see several rooms built for the purpose of gaming. The computer rooms is perfect for holding a gaming competition so your sims can earn money. Another room contains a gaming console. As you explore, you should encounter the pinball machine and the dart board. Another room contains Don't Wake the Llama. Outside is a swimming pool and grilling area. There are so many games that any expansion pack ones really aren't needed.

Chance Cards[edit]

These are the chance cards for the gaming hobby.

  • Chance Card 1. You've won a game of marbles. Do you take them all or share them with your classmates? Take all the marbles to gain or lose enthusiasm. If you share them, you could get a new friend or lose enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 2. You're giving a report. Do you use game metaphors or stick to facts? Each outcome either gives or takes enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 3. You're given the option to choose a game to play. Either kickball or dodgeball. Choose kickball, you could invite a friend home or lose enthusiasm. Choose dodgeball, you could gain enthusiasm or lose $150
  • Chance Card 4. You're playing a game at work. Do you show the boss or cover it up? If you show the boss, you gain enthusiasm or get demoted. If you try to hide, you could get a $200 bonus or lose a days pay.
  • Chance Card 5. You're invited to a poker tournament. If you go, you could gain membership or lose enthusiasm. If you don't go, you could get promoted or lose enthusiasm.
  • Chance Card 6. You're playing a game with the boss and have a winning move. If you choose to win, you could get promoted or lose enthusiasm. If you throw the game, you could win $150 or get demoted.



These are all game-related unlockables.

  • Level 1-Talk about Games
  • Level 2-Read about Fun and Games
  • Level 3-N/A
  • Level 4-Browse Web for Games
  • Level 5-Join Games of Glory (If not already joined)
  • Level 6-Share Hobby Tips (On Arcade Machines, Pinball Machines and Computer Games)
  • Level 7-Blog about Games
  • Level 8-N/A
  • Level 9-Instruct in Games
  • Level 10-Be in the Zone

Another unlockable is Coconut Pinball, the Gamer career reward. This machine gives out money as you play it.

Basic Info[edit]

These are the ranks for the Games hobby.

  • 1 Unispired Underling
  • 2-4 Casual Gamer
  • 5-7 Weekend Warrior
  • 8-9 Hand-Eye Coordinator
  • 10 Gaming Guru

This is other gaming information.

  • Skill: Logic
  • Personality: Playful, Grouchy
  • Interests: Entertainment
  • Mannerisms: Wrist Stretches


These are the interactions and objects that affect games.