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This article is about events designed to occur in Pleasantview when you start playing the game. This is designed to help you get used to new features such as WooHooing, marriage, moving in and out, toddler training, advanced easel tools and having affairs.

Lothario family[edit]

Don Lothario is one of those sims who hates cleaning up.
Sims love to meet each other.
They also express love physically.

The Lothario family serves to teach you about having affairs with several sims at once. Your character, Don Lothario, is currently doing this with four other sims. To start call Nina Caliente over. Before she arrives, clean up the lot and hire a maid. When Nina arrives, get her into the hot tub and make them 'WooHoo' with each other. This satisfies one of Don's wants. If the maid was present, she will have witnessed the cheating and won't be happy with Don. Get Nina out of the house and have some lunch. Make sure that Nina leaves the lot.

A little kiss goes a long way.
Romantic sims just can't help it.

Now call her sister, Dina. However, don't get her into the hot tub yet. First do some romantic socials to make Don fall in love with her, then get her into the hot tub. 'WooHoo' with Dina and then you're done with this lot. Continue playing or travel to the Goth family.

Goth family[edit]

The happiest or worst day of Cassandra's life.
All romantic sims fear commitment.
Cassandra goes into aspiration failure.
Which requires a visit from the Sim Shrink.

The Goth family has three members. You might remember two of them from the original The Sims. In this family, you only need worry about Cassandra. Fulfil one of her wants by kissing Don Lothario. Next, click on the wedding arch to get them married. Don Lothario fears commitment and he most likely will reject. If he does, Cassandra will go into aspiration failure and the Sim Shrink will appear temporarily increasing her aspiration score.

A ghost.
Stay long enough on this household to experience a paranormal element of the sims. The Goth household, as you'll notice, contains a graveyard. At night the ghosts will come out and commence the supernatural activities.

Caliente family[edit]

A variation on marrying in The Sims 2.
Moving in.
Moving out.

The Caliente family will teach you about how sims move households in The Sims 2. First get Dina to greet the approaching Mortimer Goth. Get them to greet each other then make Dina propose engagement. Go in for the gold and marry them on the spot. You can then choose members of the Goth family to move in with Mortimer. To finish this household, have Nina find her own place by searching the newspaper.

Broke family[edit]

The first step is to teach Beau how to walk.
Next, teach Beau how to go when nature calls.
The scene changes when Dustin gets home.

The Broke family consists of a single parent, a troublesome teenager and a toddler almost ready to grow up. Have Brandi teach Beau how to walk. She's already started so it won't take long. Now either teach Beau to talk or how to use the potty. note that Brandi is pregnant and her symptoms will slow her down. Dustin will come back home at 1 and will have brought Angela Pleasant along with him. Brandi will lecture Dustin over his mediocre grades. After that's done, make Dustin and Angela share a First Kiss.

Beau should grow up happy.

If you haven't finished Beau's training, finish it soon. At 6pm, buy a birthday cake and have Brandi take Beau to it. Beau will grow up with platinum aspiration if you've fulfilled enough of his wants.

A baby.
As you'll notice, Brandi enters the game pregnant. If you continue playing, you'll eventually give birth to a baby boy. During pregnancy, the symptoms will heighten and make life unbearable for Brandi. You also have to take care of Dustin and get a bed for Beau. In short, playing this family is quite difficult.

Dreamer Family[edit]

Paint a still life…
…or paint a portrait. Notice how Darren's bladder is on half. Make sure his needs don't go down very far.

The main focus of this family is on a completely new easel painting system. Send Darren upstairs and make him do a regular painting. Make sure that he completes it but also don't neglect his needs. Once he's done, get him to paint another painting. A still life or a portrait. Make sure he also completes that one. Sell both paintings then head downstairs to pay the bills. This family shows you alternative ways to make money for your Sims.

If Darren invites Cassandra over when the family is first played, there is a high chance that she will flirt with, or kiss him right after she is greeted. This is most likely scripted by the developers since Cassandra doesn't have romantic feelings for Darren when first played. If the Goth family has not been played, and Cassandra has not split up with Don, initiating romantic interactions with Darren will instantly cause Cassandra to be having an affair.

Pleasant family[edit]

The maid comes to clean and break up the household.
The price of having more than one lover.

Daniel Pleasant is the main focus of this household. As the twins will leave for school and his wife has work, he'll get the house all to himself. How fortunate as he has a thing going with the maid. When she arrives at 10am, she'll clean and ask to stay and hang out with Daniel. Say yes. Have them both relaxing on the bed but don't WooHoo yet. A chance card will appear for Mary-Sue. No matter the answer, it'll always be wrong and have her sent home. Now get them to WooHoo. As she arrives home, she catches Daniel cheating and gains a bad memory. Daniel also gets a bad memory. The teens may not witness the encounter but if you did this after 1pm then they'll see their dad having an affair and react accordingly.