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MapleVietnam - September 14, 2010[edit]

  • The original patch notes in Vietnamese can be viewed here

Dear Maplers,

Maplestory has been officially released in Vietnam for almost 2 years, since October 2008. This has not been a very long amount of time, but it has been long enough for you, the Maple community, to form a close and friendly bond to experience adventures together in the amazing and beautiful Maple world. We have had the chance to become brave Warriors, mystical Magicians, extremely accurate Bowmen and swift Rogues along our adventure.

Because of this, we, the Maplestory Executive Board in Vietnam finds it very hard to say goodbye now, but: Maplestory will officially end its services on September 14, 2010. The reason for this is at that moment, the Vinagame company's contract signed with Nexon, the producers of Maplestory in Korea, will expire.

From now until the end of September 14, 2010, we will still continue all activities in the game, the web page as well as the forums so that Maplers may still play the game, communicate with friends and keep close bonds.

In the near future, we will organize a few events to say goodbye to gamers as a way to thank all of you for playing and supporting the game for all this time. After the game closes on September 14, the remaining amount of Zingxu in your accounts may still be used in other games by Vinagame.

Every goodbye leaves behind sadness and regrets. Please allow us, the Maplestory Executive Board in Vietnam, to send all Maplers our most humble apologies.


The Maplestory executive Board.